gentle preoccupations

reading this one now;
this one, in awe--
always in awe,
everytime i go
to the bookshop.

currently at the part
where he's
describing a party
set in the 1930s;
maybe i'll have another
go at it tonight,
before seeing the movies.

it remains at the bookshelves, still;
waiting for me--

ang mahal kasi.

by the same author of "the curious incident of the dog in the night-time"


the tracks "heaven's gonna burn your eyes" and "until the morning" are beautiful enough to make me weep. weep that i should stumble upon them and find out somebody has already written of them long before i've had the idea to do so. inggitero, hehehe.

tonight i'll surely drown again in emiliana torrini's eerily haunting voice; pleasantly drown, that is. hail to thievery corporation and their impeccable taste in music!

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:: cb :: said...

i love mark haddon! i read curious incident a few years ago and i recently got reacquainted with it. ang galing niya!