i rarely post entries these days. if asked, i would usually reason out that i busy myself with other things. photography. yoga. my mini-novella. stuff. but truth is--and this, i've trouble admitting--i've simply lost interest, chronicling the mundane. the wonderful. the magical. the earth-shattering. stuff that make my world go round. like a poetry-reading session i recently attended. or those magical late-afternoon photowalks i had, going around guadalupe with eyvicat. its not that i lost interest in the things that make my world go round. i just got tired writing about them. i don't know if its just a phase. or something that would bury the greenbackseat six feet under. i rarely visit and comment on my virtual playground too--blogs that caught my fancy when the backseat was in its heydays. gosh, what gloomy talk this is turning out to be. i talk as if the backseat will really close. i don't really know what's come over me to write about this, or have the gall to even think about this.

if you'd care to even analyze me, i've the tendency to write on my blog during my most stressed-out episodes. or when i'm too inspired and overflowing with creative and literary ideas. given that my mini-novella's about to end, my life struggles at a stand-still--the ugly sick pig episode ending happily--and no idea for new poems or another novella has sprung out from my mangy mind yet, i suspect this phase will extend indefinitely. and yes, i'm heartily living the life i could only have dreamed of when i was in college. too content perhaps to even write about the little sparks that illuminate the daily gentle life.

oh, on a lighter note, i will be with friends old and new, at boracay this saturday. its my second time to strut the gentle stuff in this lovely island. i hope it would be a much more pleasant experience than my first one back in 2007, when i was down with terrible fever and unfortunately plagued with a bloated face.

ciao. gentle signing off.