innocent and harmless

it's been months now since i last posted. i looked at my last entry and marvelled how childlike and naive it seemed, gawking at the wonder that's hongkong. so much has happened since then. i enrolled in a master's class, and its really lots of work. lotsa work that lately, i think i've been getting the ire of my boss cuz there have been lotsa "sick" days when i call work to inform them that i cannot make it to the office. she hasn't really confronted me directly, yet. but i feel that its gonna be one of these days. there have been "innocent" questions like "when's your masters gonna be finished?" or "are you required to come up with a thesis?"--questions that have me asking myself, "why? and what are you really asking about?". i just might be over-analyzing things again, as has always been the case with myself, and the questions might really be harmless questions after all. i just want to finish my masters as early as possible so i can go back to the way things have been; socialize with my friends and family more often, and be seen more frequently at the office.