the bumpiest, the swerviest

After a month or so of absence, i finally am able to write again. And guess where i am writing this entry, my dear reader? Where else but on a bus! Hehehe. Yes, on a bus. I’m on a bus, at the farthest end—the bumpiest, the swerviest (hehehe. pardon the word, i don’t know if it even exists at all. It seems my long absence from the blogging world has caused me to get a bit rusty with my command of the English language) part that seems to get better and better with every sentence i am turning. The road thinks he’s gonna beat me to it, and i’m soon to get tired of this attempt to update you. but nope. I’m not surrendering. Nuh-uh. Not one bit. Swerves and bumps be damned!

So. A month! A lot has happened, i don’t even know where to begin! Well lets start with my passions. I’m still as passionate and in love with photography as the day i first clicked my first click. I’ve already a growing collection which, a month ago, had been in dire need of organizing. If not for the week-long holy week vacation that was made possible by the generosity of our lolo johnny, i wouldn’t have even begun the task of building a solid portfolio from the mess that has been four months of just clicking and clicking and no deleting whatsoever (yes, i kept even the blurriest and crappiest photo i got); now i have 427 strong images that would speak directly of my art, or rather, my eye for art in anything and everything that passes me by, captured with the aid of my trusty cocoy.

Gizmo wise, if cocoy has been solidly turning in brilliant performances with every click, gael it seems these days, i find to be in a very sick condition. He’s been constantly crashing on me during the last two weekends that i’ve been using him. i’m getting a bit worried for him, what with just a year and a half of being with me. i’m thinking of having him reformatted sometime soon, if the problem continues to persist. Good thing i have all my important files backed up already.

We’re already approaching the sctex-nlex intersection by this time, and its already dark. There has been some sun in the sky when i started this entry, and now the harsh halogen lights of the sctex are in full blast. Tomorrow's gonna be the start of another work week, which i kinda dread, what with the pile of work waiting for me when i arrive. The surge of new laws and issuances have been in full blast since the middle of last year, that in retrospect its a miracle that i lasted this long, in being able to somehow keep up with all the activities needed to process a single law or issuance. Ang sisipag naman kasi ng mga boss namin. Hehehe. good thing, the benefits keep pouring in, thanks to our tireless union leaders who see to it that dedicated employees like me (hehehe) get rewarded for all their troubles. LOL. Through the efforts of our union, the management has recently approved a mass upgrading of the filled-up positions, and for the first time in six and a half years, makakatikim ako ng promotion, hehe.

This afternoon i posted at facebook a picture of me taken sometime in 2005. That was the year of endless hairgels, when i was trying too hard to look adorable and gwapo like the artista’s that time. Richard guttierez was the toast of GMA that year, doing one primetime show after another, a streak that will continue up to the present. dennis trillio was a fairly new discovery back then, but was a serious threat to richard’s career that bisaya, as have been reported in some gossip shows, had to take measures to ensure that dennis does not eclipse richard’s star. Both sport hairdos spruced up with the magic of hairgels. At dahil feeling matinee idol din ako, hindi ako nagpatalo. Nagtaas din ako ng buhok ko. hehehe. it amused me to think that i was so vain that time. going to my derma, going to the gym, and spending lots on hairgel tubes just to keep that youthful glow. nowadays i’m way past that Richard guttierez phase. I lead a more relaxed life, no longer worrying of not arriving on time at the gym and missing my fitness first classes ; or fretting over the traffic that kept me away my precious treadmill time. i still do yoga, but not in a class. I still run but not on a mill. I grow my hair long, and i feel like i’m jun pyo’s long lost brother. LOL.

Toll booth na. My stint on the road is nearing its end. I don’t know when the next entry’s gonna be, but i sure do hope that when i write my next entry, wala na ako sa likod ng bus. Kahilo, ampotah. Ciao.