i love farmer's plaza!

back from my first trip abroad with alec and van. nalula ako sa hongkong; i appreciated the sights and the tastes the city offered us during our five-day stay there. the wanton dumpling i tried at the SM food court equivalent in their Gateway Mall in Kowloon harbor is particularly good, and my curiosity had very well had its share of ample serving, what with the temple street night market just one block away from the hotel where we were billeted. but it also made me realize how well we have lagged behind as a country. the interior of train stations are much like many of our posh local malls here. and don't bother even thinking of farmers mall in cubao making that list, cuz for that i will not speak to you for months, nor dare utter your name even in hush-hush conversations with the closests of my confidants. LOL. the trip afforded me pleasure, but also opened my eyes that as a country, we have a lot of catching up to do. five days flew fast, like hunters competing for a fresh kill; and after screaming like crazy in disney's haunted hotel and staring wide eyed at those lovely sea creatures wading at the ocean park's many aquariums, i am finally back to reality, and with Hongkong pictures to last a lifetime, LOL.



no sleep last night. i dunno what came over me, that drove me on a read-athon all the way till the wee hours of the morning. i can't easily point my guilty fingers to the lord of the rings, although i must say that tolkien's writing is way too delicious for my starving literary stomach. the last time i had a serious reading fit was when i was still in good ole UP, during my anne rice phase that ended when i started work some eight years ago. the years that followed were years of intense social beefing-up and the physicality of those years rocketed sky-high, just way off the grid if ya ask me; but now it seems the geeky kid has resurrected from the depths and just wants to wreak havoc on my schedule like a rampaging beast. i mean, halleur, i have work to do, and that work demands me to be on my desk at exactly eight in the morning. a four in the morning read-athon finish and an eight o'clock work doesn't exactly carve what one might call a healthy lifestyle. ugh.