no sleep last night. i dunno what came over me, that drove me on a read-athon all the way till the wee hours of the morning. i can't easily point my guilty fingers to the lord of the rings, although i must say that tolkien's writing is way too delicious for my starving literary stomach. the last time i had a serious reading fit was when i was still in good ole UP, during my anne rice phase that ended when i started work some eight years ago. the years that followed were years of intense social beefing-up and the physicality of those years rocketed sky-high, just way off the grid if ya ask me; but now it seems the geeky kid has resurrected from the depths and just wants to wreak havoc on my schedule like a rampaging beast. i mean, halleur, i have work to do, and that work demands me to be on my desk at exactly eight in the morning. a four in the morning read-athon finish and an eight o'clock work doesn't exactly carve what one might call a healthy lifestyle. ugh.


jayvie said...

oh my! gentle!!! i missed you! hahaha.

dumugo ang ilong at utak ko sa LOTR book. waaaaah!!!

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

ooh you're back!

gentle said...

@ jayvie - missed my readers too, hehehe. missed you! LOTR is nosebleed sometimes but the richness of descriptions by tolkien more than compensates for the "nosebleedicity" of it. LOL.

@ nyl - yes, i'm back! though til when i'vwe no idea, hehehe. thanks for still checkin me out, even tho i'm such an absentee blogger. hehehe.