tick-tock, tick-tock

it's past 10 in the evening and my day is just starting.

my head just cleared from the splitting headache i had upon waking up from an hour-long afternoon nap, coming from dee's game.

i intended to sit down and work on the write-up at around seven this evening but surfing for additional facts to back-up my report got me to visiting flickr, facebook, and blogger--and that did me in.

i just learned upon entering the coffee shop earlier that this particular starbucks branch have an earlier closing time on weekends; it spells bad news for me--why oh why do you guys have to close just in time when my system's just starting to rev-up? oh well. i just have to go home and see where the night leads me.

so much for the scheduling i did last night, haha! i've to turn in a write-up on monday for consolidation with other write-ups in the group. clock is ticking, and my nerves are ticking, as well. LOL.

no regrets though. i was able to watch dee, even for at least 1 game, and it counts a lot. i can just imagine the scenario by dawn--dee coming in to find me wide awake, high on the write-up. i'll just smile, and let him sleep the remains of his day off. he'll smile back and say "get in bed".

i'll smile back and say, "just a couple of pages to go".

two people in the same room, separated by time.


orange is the new green

starbucks columns.

been surfing the net and drinking my grande hibiscus blend hot tea for hours now (and its not hot anymore)--looking for COA and CSC facts i can use for my report (only two subjects to go) while simultaneously devising a new look for the backseat that has long been buried into oblivion.

yes, i'm planning to resurrect this little monster after quite a long hiatus from the blogging world. i really don't know if i can still command a following; but what the heck. i just want an online outlet for my thoughts that's been running awry ever since i can remember. my preoccupation with work and my masters course requirements cannot seem to contain them, and so i'm re-decorating in between visits to coa and csc websites.

i've updated the orangey look i made for season three to reflect a contemporary look that sure to elicit oohs and aahs from my old followers. oops, i forgot; silly me. reminder to self, you just said that you are writing for no one but yourself; to contain your seemingly uncontainable thoughts... you just said that, right? so stop this nonsense about orange looks and oohs and aahs. it doesn't fit in the equation, haha!

i'm sure i have majority of the data i need for my report, for now. tomorrow's gonna be a long day, tying up loose ends, trying to write a coherent report from this sea of madness called GRP's local initiative in the fight against graft and corruption. in the meanwhile, i'm gonna post this--qualifying as the backseat's first entry for the fourth season--and while waiting for dee to get out from work, i'm gonna stare at the screen, grind my teeth, tap my fingers in anticipation of the first comment. oops.


innocent and harmless

it's been months now since i last posted. i looked at my last entry and marvelled how childlike and naive it seemed, gawking at the wonder that's hongkong. so much has happened since then. i enrolled in a master's class, and its really lots of work. lotsa work that lately, i think i've been getting the ire of my boss cuz there have been lotsa "sick" days when i call work to inform them that i cannot make it to the office. she hasn't really confronted me directly, yet. but i feel that its gonna be one of these days. there have been "innocent" questions like "when's your masters gonna be finished?" or "are you required to come up with a thesis?"--questions that have me asking myself, "why? and what are you really asking about?". i just might be over-analyzing things again, as has always been the case with myself, and the questions might really be harmless questions after all. i just want to finish my masters as early as possible so i can go back to the way things have been; socialize with my friends and family more often, and be seen more frequently at the office.