tick-tock, tick-tock

it's past 10 in the evening and my day is just starting.

my head just cleared from the splitting headache i had upon waking up from an hour-long afternoon nap, coming from dee's game.

i intended to sit down and work on the write-up at around seven this evening but surfing for additional facts to back-up my report got me to visiting flickr, facebook, and blogger--and that did me in.

i just learned upon entering the coffee shop earlier that this particular starbucks branch have an earlier closing time on weekends; it spells bad news for me--why oh why do you guys have to close just in time when my system's just starting to rev-up? oh well. i just have to go home and see where the night leads me.

so much for the scheduling i did last night, haha! i've to turn in a write-up on monday for consolidation with other write-ups in the group. clock is ticking, and my nerves are ticking, as well. LOL.

no regrets though. i was able to watch dee, even for at least 1 game, and it counts a lot. i can just imagine the scenario by dawn--dee coming in to find me wide awake, high on the write-up. i'll just smile, and let him sleep the remains of his day off. he'll smile back and say "get in bed".

i'll smile back and say, "just a couple of pages to go".

two people in the same room, separated by time.

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