season pilot : wala lang

in the days leading to the broadcast of this season's pilot episode, i have been thinking hard on what to write, going back to my days of inactivity, searching the big events, the little moments, and everything in between. it has to be big. it has to be grand. epic. profound. funtabulous. nothing short of mind-blowing in all aspects; it is after all, the greenbackseat--the online chronicle of a gentle life.

should i write about my work-out days at the gym? my love affair with the treadmill and how the headcoach irks me everytime i see him? should i write about those two old tribeswomen i see every night at the boni mrt station, begging for alms from train commuters? or perhaps how, some nights ago, while sipping coffee from a kopiroti shop, i had this "nescafe" moment--it just felt like i'm shooting a commercial with every sip, haha!

sorting out those little details is enough to get me excited. everytime i think of something, another completely unrelated one pops out of my head, like a mushroom springing forth from the earth. (a glorious image, don't you think?)

i even thought of writing about how i think nanay has aged gracefully, and how she always looks young before my eyes; but i never intended my opener to get too melodramatic so i scratched the idea before it ever got to be a full-blown one. i suppose it'll be enough to say that i take from my mom a lot. some would say i got my (hot) looks from tatay, but the unseen ones (uhm, aura?) i got from her. magaling kayang magproject ang nanay ko. hehehe.

anyways i'm wearing my (newly-bought) luffy pendant today. luffy is monkey d. luffy--the 12 year old kid with the infectious laughter, and the main character in "one piece" anime which i soo love; and i'm not feeling so teenager-ish today. not at all. haha!!

i was at comic alley yesterday, looking for one piece collectibles to put on top of my desk at the office, amidst a sea of teenagers that gush at naruto, deathnote and bleach. the saleslady was secretly laughing at me in all probability as it took me quite some time to decide which is better for a pendant--a straw hat one or a pirate skull? it was such a hard decision to make, really, such that i already purchased zoro and sanji action figures but still, i haven't quite figured out what, out of those two choices, will make a better statement when i wear them. imagine me being stuck in that predicament while i was wearing my monday uniform--a long sleeved barong tagalog. hehehe.

i ended up buying the straw hat pendant, and i couldn't have been much happier with my choice. two of my officemates noticed it already; well, whadayaknow? they like it too, much as i do. surprised, surprised? nope, not quite. i've always known i have such excellent taste. hehehe. :)

with the zoro and sanji action figures, i decided they're better off at home than in the office. they're too much precious to be left idling around. what if somebody just picks them up? there are lots of people lounging at the library afterall, and one can never be too trustworthy, even if they're just action figures.. well because they ARE action figures!

well. so much for a profound, funtabulous, mind-blowing season opener. dang!