Season premiere : i blog therefore i am

This title has recently been the topic of my conversation, among other things, with a fellow blogger whom i met for a cup of tea yesterday. Being the great facilitator he turned out to be, he sort of led the conversation to certain topics by asking questions at specific points in our talk; and being the great talker that i am, it wasn't too long that i found myself answering those questions; talking about how i usually get started with writing a blog entry. It's really an either-or thingy for me. Its either i begin writing away my thoughts on gael, then think of an appropriate title later; or start with a fabulous idea of a title, and start working from there—elaborating on things that i immediately connect with the concept title, as they pop out of my head, in real-time. The editing process usually takes me about one or two readings of the finished article, looking for grammatical errors, including misspelled words and incorrect placement of punctuation marks. Once published, i again go for a third reading, ironing kinks along the way. Blogging has indeed become such a lucrative business, from conceptualization to presentation that one has to exert extra effort in making sure that ideas presented gel with each other evenly. I believe that blogging is not just writing your feelings away, as when one keeps a diary for oneself. Being that blogging is an online venture, one will, in time, gain a handful of followers who'll take time to read and comment on whatever one has written about. So packaging counts, not just with a glossy text that sparkles as eyes move over them, but the color palette and pictures placed, and the manner of placement, too. Your blog is your online persona.

In the days that you dear reader did not read from me, my pitiful life kept on rolling, without any thought that it has to stop and record itself somewhere, so that gentle the blogger can access it and write about it later for everybody to read and gush about.. (or puke at.. hehehe). so there is still the contention with this season premier's title of "I Blog Therefore I Am". Blogging doesn't really define you as a person. You were there even before the term "blog" was coined. People living away from all these electronic signals that make up cyberspace still lead meaningful, contented lives. Farmers, after a hard day's work are just as happy, knowing that they delivered. Blogging is just a way of ordering one's thoughts gone haywire, a way of making sense of the world—but in no means the only way. Walking could be as therapeautic an activity as blogging, if one just gave it a try. Or, in my case, dancing. I danced and sweated most of the days i did not blog away. Of course all these dancing were done in the privacy of my room, locked; but now as i'm blogging this up, i am kinda left wondering what is the purpose of locking the door when i am gonna write that i danced giddily to the beat of the 80s, anyway? Hehehe. well i can later argue, as i am doing now, that i didn't include the goings-on in my mind as i was gyrating to the beat of "wake me up before you go-go". J So it is still a private thingy, ahehehe. My point, is that you can blog away as much as you want or as little, but you cannot really include anything and everything that concern you, or make you up as a person. A part of you will still remain private as words only amount to a fraction, compared to the wide expanse of the mind. I blog therefore i am? Not really. I blog to party away.

This is a neurotic post. Dwell on it, dismiss it.. your call. Welcome to season two.


Mugen said...

Before I forget, I find your writing style very engaging. Welcome back.

Niel Camhalla said...

I wonder you are you explaining this to. :)

gentle said...

@ mugen - thanks. it pays that i read some of the best bloggers around. :)

@ neil - e sino pa nga ba. hehehe.

Niel Camhalla said...


ano ba yun! halatang I don't read and re-read what I write.

I meant "I wonder WHO are you explaining this to."

It was in no way answering my own question :)

gentle said...

someone you met din before. :)
emailed you pala 2 answer your question.

Victor Gregor said...

I agree about the "online persona" thing and about ordering your thoughts thru blogging. My blog gives my days a semblance of order and structure, neatly stacked into days, labels. LOL.