snippets from a cluttered mind

3:06 AM

Why is the male waiter at the Jollibee branch i frequent named Fely? Curious, curious thing. I saw him again this evening while i was ordering yum with TLC; and the nametag i saw from afar just shouts, "Fely"!

What was the commotion in the streets all about? There were cops, tanods, and bystanders when i looked out from the balcony at around 2:45 in the morning while i was typing away, roused from deep thought by all the noise outside. Not safe to make usi. Go back inside and lock your door, gentle.

What is it gonna be this morning? sit ups and push ups, cardio-dance, or both?

Hmmm. Spanish sardines with skyflakes. I can't wait to eat breakfast!

Why am i still awake? Hmmm..must be the caffeine working. But i didn't take coffee! It was herbal tea, remember? Cashier at coffee bean and tea leaf said herbal teas don't have caffeine in them. Well, must be premier jitters, then. Sleep now, gentle. Time to rest.

4:10 AM

Edit this one tomorrow, not now. Stop fidgeting. Baaad, gentle, baad!!


cyndirellaz said...

nice season 2 ka na pala ha! ehehe! kamusta naman ang season2? anyway, enge naman ng spanish flakes ^^

lucas said...

wow! season 2 na! hehe!

Fely??? baka feliciano ang real name niya..hehe!

gravity said...

it's nice to be awake at the odd hours of the night lalo na medyo malamig. =)

get some sleep gentle =)

~yAnaH~ said...

fely...hmmmmm must be feliciano nga hahaha...its during the wee hours where i can actually think... and be at peace.. ahihihihi
just sharin

Niel Camhalla said...

done any yoga meditations lately?

gentle said...

@ cyndi - ubos na. hehehe.

@ ron & yanah - oo nga no? .. masagwa pa rin. hhehe.

@ gravity and yanah - night owls din pala kayo. well in my case its extreme night-owlism, if there is such a term. insomnia na to! bad for the skin. and eyebags, helow!

@ neil - di pa nga eh. but i really miss going to deep forward folds, and just listening to my breathing. one of these days babalik ako. promise.