librarian, touring

9:31 pm

I’m aboard a bus, province bound. After an anxiety-filled week at work, i’m finally getting a respite from all the mayhem, and the chaos. The Mummy plays at the on-board dvd player of the bus, making it hard for me to concentrate on my thoughts, mirroring it seems, the troubled week that saw me swamped with piles of index cards for filing; revising and updating a resume i haven’t touched in years; talking with personnel from our legal department concerning an ugly sick pig; and seeking counsel regarding a slave driver hag that doubles as martyr and saint. Sigh. Somebody take me away from all these gossip and intrigue!

Good thing though, that amidst this sea of madness i’ve friends that see me through, every step of the way. They might seem a bunch of misfits to the world, but they are undeniably warm, and squishy, and smiley, just when you need them the most--and hey, i'm just happy to be one of them! :)

Glancing at the television screen in front, i see that Rachel Weisz’ librarian character with the Sylvia La Torre hairdo and outfit meets for the first time Brendan Fraser’s brawny Indiana Jones-ish impersonation of a character. In my mind i’m trying to work on a logical tie-up of ideas but i just can’t come up with a good one—only that i, too, am a librarian like the Weisz character.
Curses! This might be due to the fact of the moving bus jiggling my brain to goo; or the fact that i’ve been sleepless most days, preparing needed documentations for my life projects. Seems my crossroads come in never-ending batches, if you ask me. I really don’t know what to think anymore. I’m numb. I’m tired.

We’ve just entered NLEX and the bus is already accelerating in speed. In a few moments, the lights will be set to dim. Yes, rest for now gentle, try to get some sleep, for who knows, next week you just might find yourself in yet again another highway.


Niel Camhalla said...


cyndirellaz said...

talaga? librarian ka? galing naman ^^

gravity said...

lol on rachel weisz' slyvia la torre hairdo. =)

good thing buses now have that sort of entertainment to help ease boredom =)

no matter how insane our friends are, we cant just get enough of them. we're all a bunch of crazy people =)

Victor Gregor said...

itugot mo kano ni niel. tama ba Ilocano ko? LOL.

which library?