the food episode

the one thing that spelled out my new year's eve:
ate's saliva-inducing potato salad

as for the recipe, sis says its top secret, so i'll just whisper that its bacon, shrimp and apple-filled. :) top with thyme before serving. enjoy!

my own salad concoction, shared with my gentle followers:

Ingredients :
3 850 g cans of fruit cocktail

1 can of corn kernels

1 small can of condensed milk
(not photographed)

3 tetra packs of nestle cream

1 small pack of cheese, cubed
1 pack of toasted cashews

1 apple, sliced to pieces (not photographed)


Drain syrup/ water content from fruit cocktail and corn kernel cans; proceed to mix with all the remaining ingredients.

Serve and enjoy!

note: ate and nanay appeared with permission from their respective talent managers


jamie da vinci! said...

the potato salad does look utterly deadly! then again, anything lost in so much dressing always is! I WANT!!!! :)

Mugen said...

Aliw naman. Hehehe. Your salad looks yummy!

gentle said...


@ jamie- ubos na.

@ mukha ngang tae sabi ni ate. ang ganda kasi ng camera ko e, hehehe. didn't do justice to the culinary delight! tama si ize water, i shud be buyin a decent camera dis year.

peter penducker said...

mukhang tae?? hahaha, masarap na description naman yun sa salad mo.


nakakaaliw na blog. ;-)

Mr. Scheez said...

Looks yummy, I should try this. Thanks sa recipe kuya Gentle. =)