orange is the new green

starbucks columns.

been surfing the net and drinking my grande hibiscus blend hot tea for hours now (and its not hot anymore)--looking for COA and CSC facts i can use for my report (only two subjects to go) while simultaneously devising a new look for the backseat that has long been buried into oblivion.

yes, i'm planning to resurrect this little monster after quite a long hiatus from the blogging world. i really don't know if i can still command a following; but what the heck. i just want an online outlet for my thoughts that's been running awry ever since i can remember. my preoccupation with work and my masters course requirements cannot seem to contain them, and so i'm re-decorating in between visits to coa and csc websites.

i've updated the orangey look i made for season three to reflect a contemporary look that sure to elicit oohs and aahs from my old followers. oops, i forgot; silly me. reminder to self, you just said that you are writing for no one but yourself; to contain your seemingly uncontainable thoughts... you just said that, right? so stop this nonsense about orange looks and oohs and aahs. it doesn't fit in the equation, haha!

i'm sure i have majority of the data i need for my report, for now. tomorrow's gonna be a long day, tying up loose ends, trying to write a coherent report from this sea of madness called GRP's local initiative in the fight against graft and corruption. in the meanwhile, i'm gonna post this--qualifying as the backseat's first entry for the fourth season--and while waiting for dee to get out from work, i'm gonna stare at the screen, grind my teeth, tap my fingers in anticipation of the first comment. oops.


citybuoy said...

we've all missed you. welcome back.

oh and re: your new layout oohhh ahhhh ;P

Dave Pascht said...

i like your blog.. had fun reading.. :)