sunday driving | tamang senti lang

I remember the lazy Sunday driving, with tatay at the wheel, going to Manaoag.
Going to the market, there, even when the market here in Urdaneta is much closer.
The reason—he’ll buy chico, and ripe mangoes; and along the way, whatever catches his fancy;
Come what may; hes a sucker for unplanned trips. The more freewheeling, the higher the “enjoy” factor.
Of course we’ll pray first; with tatay, its not about reciting a novena; its about making the effort.
With tatay too, its always short and sweet. After saying his prayers, off we go to further destinations:
To dagupan, to la union, wherever the road will take us--looking for crabs or fish to cook for lunch;
Of course we have to return home for lunch, or nanay, starts getting worried.
Along the way, i’ll daydream, with the trees, and the mountains, and the rice fields.

Tamang senti lang.

We went to manaoag this afternoon, with kuya driving; ate beside him, and the kids with me in the middle of the adventure. We prayed for a bit, strolled for a bit; before cj had his way to the food stalls at the back of the church, hehehe.

File photos of Manaoag and its premises from 2006.

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lucas said...

ahhh...so this is the infamous church of manaoag.

nakakamiss ang chico. i can't remember the last time i had them.