I must admit, there was a time that i was so smitten with Friendster; it was, during it’s time, the ultimate application in the web; your homepage where you can showcase your own personal style, and let your friends know you’re as hip as hip can be.

That was before the advent of Facebook (which i never really enjoyed using); now, everywhere i look, people are slowly migrating to mark zuckerberg’s creation. friend requests from people i know from way back—from friendster’s heydays—are flooding my facebook inbox. Even some of my officemates (the demographics of which, here in my job spells O-L-D; oh well, that declaration is made relative to my age, hehehe—everything's subjective, really) have decided to make the switch. Soon i’ll be forced to just burrow a hole in the ground under a tree, to shrivel and die a fabulous death away from all this growing madness.

Good thing i’ve stumbled upon the joys of blogging. Having the backseat all for myself afforded me freedom to do practically anything i want with this space given to me in the digital realm. I can post anything i want; have as many readers as i want; or as little (i can pick a few lucky ones who can read my blog, if i choose to, and make my blog “private” to the rest of the blogosphere); i can redecorate on a whim, when fancy strikes—put as many colors as i like to put, or use them sparingly. Blogging brought out gentle the writer, and i couldn’t have been any more happier with the result. Blogging put me face to face with my fears; i brought me closer to my aspirations.

I am here, i am now. I love what i made of the backseat, and what the backseat made of me. here’s to another hundred posts! (uhm, cento, as used in the title, is an italian word for 100)

(a note to the gentle reader: Friendster and Facebook remain to be tools for contacting me, as not everyone enjoys being listed in my phonebook; all i’m saying is that Friendster has lost its appeal to my inner teenager with the birth of the backseat and its subsidiary, naked scribbles.)


Leon Koh said...

I got tired of facebook too..

you have a lovely blog here.. happened to surf into it

invite you to my blog too

Herbs D. said...

so i was thinking...add mo na ba ako?! kaloka ka ha. antagal ko nang winawait ang friend request mo sakin :P

ShatterShards said...

wow! Happy 100th post, Gentle! And here I am, with my blog that is older than yours, and not even on my 50th! haha! You're one prolific writer. Keep writing!

gravity said...

happy 100th post! keep writing. =)

Anonymous said...

Ahaha! di nga halatang mas adik ka dito. lolz

Naadik din ako sa friendster before, during my college years. Pero hayun halos di ko na binubuksan, hehe

Di pa ko nakakapag face book, la pang time. Masyado nang kinakain ng oras ko ang blog so for now it will be enough.. Mas nag eenjoy din talaga ako sa mga kakulitan ko dito.. ;)

Tara, red wine! Ehehe

Richard the Lionheart said...

I got tired of facebook... Hindi ko na na uupdate....

Happy Easter!

--E said...

nga... congratulations!!! and am glad you are able to sustain it now... :-)

Anonymous said...

I love blogging, that's why I'm leaving. LOL!

Happy 100th post kuya. =)

-- Mr. Scheez

Niel Camhalla said...

wait till you see what the net has to still to offer. been blogging low lately because of other sites :)

Anonymous said...

i like facebook. i'm a facebook fan. :) LOL.

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