derma chikadora

i meant to write this entry yesterday but i was so f*ckn disoriented, sleepy and poopy (hehehe) that i wasn’t able to do anything but lie in bed and gaze at the ceiling, and at the walls; and watch cowboy bebop with eyes droopy with sleep. Such were the effects of the antibiotics i took, which, along with lotion and cream i applied on various parts of my body, consisted of the medication that have been prescribed to me by the dermatologist our health care provider referred, on account of the rashes that appeared on my lower abs, armpits, left hand, right part of the neck and those spots that strategically popped out of my face, as to make me look like a Dalmatian with red spots. Oh, i also had pigsa din pala, which at first, i was so embarrassed to admit to her (the dermatologist) because it was very conveniently located at that part we affectionately call the singit (good thing i trimmed, hehehe).

so there i was, at the third floor corridor of the Makati Med, waiting for my turn. I was cursing myself for not bringing my shuffle , or gael for that matter, so i could pass the time with style and not look like an idiot looking at every patient in wheelchair or stretcher; every nurse or med rep; or those yayas running after their wards like they are in a Sunday theme park. In my corner, i’ve seen a number of moms taking their daughters to see the derma. I suspect it was early pimple outbreak prevention that made them act that way—like rabid talent managers eager to protect their potential investments in showbiz; malay mo nga naman. Even one dad accompanied his teenaged son for the same reason; as i overheard in the father and son conversation what types of cream were prescribed and their scheduled time of application during the day. I forgot how many times i heard the attendant say to an incoming patient (mostly teeners) to “wash your face na”.

Sigh, i wish it were the case for me too, consulting the derma. Nope, i was there because i was itching all over. Nasa Makati Med ako kasi makati ako literally. Now, how redundant can that be? Haha! thanks to the health card provider though, i didn’t pay any consultation fee. I just paid for the medicine, which cost me around the same amount i used to pay when i visit my derma at greenbelt 1, during the time i can still afford a regular facial and pimple treatment. The last time i paid her a visit it was around july of last year. Wow, mag-iisang taon na din pala. Maybe its time i visit her again. I missed her ilongga accent, making chika while her metal implements poke and rid my face of pimples and blackheads; as if we’re just having a casual conversation over a cup of coffee. Hehehe. This new derma who took care of my allergy and pigsa is nowhere near my favourite derma’s chikadora aura. Instead she has this stern look on her face that makes you think she just had botox. She’s a beauty, yes, what with her white skin, high cheekbones and model-like figure; but her icy air would make lucy torres’ features soften when you place them side by side. Yup, it's time to see derma chikadora again, definitely. This face is itching for another bloodshed. Hehehe.


gravity said...

wawa ka naman.how are you na?

gentle said...

@ gravity - still nursing a sore singit, hehehe.

Niel Camhalla said...

I don't miss my derma. I stopped seeing her after I realized she's making way too much money out of me. I can't say she's not good. :)