the baboy days

I started my weekend on a hopeful note; that because I have resolved to stay here in the metro, I’d probably, in most likelihood, find the time to exercise. Thursday night, it didn’t happen. The whole day of Friday, newp. Ah… Saturday, I’d exercise on Saturday. Wish again, gentle. I finally found the courage yesterday, though, against the alarming backdrop of an idea that I’d be this glorious butterball if no contingency measure is to be taken, come May 1—the day that volleybelles and friends are scheduled to raise up a storm on the shores of Bataan Beach for its annual summer gathering and grand photoshoot. The preconceived dance workout turned out to be a big jog-in-place activity, as the initial jumping moves I practiced in one of the songs in my playlist turned out to be so jumpy—that I’ve decided to take it to a higher level, and jogged the remaining 50 minutes of the supposed “dance” workout hehehe. The early evening found me sweating to my essence as I practiced a full yoga session before winding down for the night. Hah! The things you do to look good for the camera. Hehehe.

the days I did not spend sweating, were spent eating (I’m still on rehab for gorging over a can of Lay’s, potato chips, Saturday night hehehe), lounging over a cup of coffee, chatting over the net, or watching anime episodes stored on gael’s hard drive.

i met with a former college dormmate, Mark Rabe, last Saturday at the Gateway mall in Cubao. In freshman year, we lived in the basement, along with other fifty or so boys who came from far-flung provinces in the country. He was my provincemate actually; living just a few towns from where I lived; oblivious of each other’s existence, up until I studied in the republic of diliman and met him just a few meters away from my room. What probably endeared him, as with the case of gremil, (whom I also met for a cup of coffee some weeks ago), glen and dawn, to mention a few comrades, hehehe, was that we were a bunch of oddballs who found comfort in the eccentricities of the other, as one tried to make sense of the new environment that was UP back then.

And so we chatted over burger king and dimsum and dumplings favorites at the foodcourt. And so we followed it up with coffee and tea at coffee bean and tea leaf, at the mall's groundfloor. Though he claims to have gained a few pounds (yes, he did, actually), and now goes with the title “atty.” before his name, he’s the same mark with the annoying british accent I know from before; nosebleed tuloy ako sa kaka-english, haha!

Meet-ups seemed to define my weekend, as aside from meeting up with mark, I also met with several people; in online meet-ups, that is. Shattershards, was actually surprised to see me ‘online’, as he was accustomed to my usual weekend schedule of going home to Pangasinan. Sa sobrang tuwa sa pagkakita nya sa ‘kin pinaulanan ako ng sandamakmak na Jason Mraz mp3s hehehe. we also talked a lot about the news of an avatar live action already in the works which got us both excited. I was also able to chat with the enigmatic Dylan Dimaubusan and boy wonder Herbs; both are blogging world sensations in their own right and i tremendously enjoyed seeing that they are as spontaneous as the feel of their write-ups when I’m reading them. They were both pleasantly surprised (I guess) with what they saw on cam hehehe. reactions range from “you don’t look twenty-seven, more like a college freshman; to something like “you have a kids body, judging from your arms and shoulders (ouch), hehehe.

I also found myself immersing on anime, when not chatting online or meeting for coffee. I am glad to put into writing that I was finally able to finish the last three episodes of Baccano; I was also able to move on with the Cowboy Bebop episodes that were somewhat stalled when I got busy with exercise and writing during the preceeding weekends. I guess you can’t actually do them all, huh?

In any case, I’ve resolved to run later this evening around Mandaluyong City Circle to make up for my baboy days hehehe. Wish me luck.


Niel Camhalla said...

I'm reminded of this blog entry: http://supercooldollhouse.blogspot.com/2009/04/namaste.html


gentle said...

@ niel - hindi working yung link!! hmm. intertextuality ulit? hehehe. baka parehong airwaves ang nasagap namin. hehehe.

:: cb :: said...

ang kulit! haha why is it so hard to exercise? in theory, it seems fairly easy but pag oras na for execution, para na akong ineexecute. buti ka pa naka exercise. hehe

habulin kita sa YM next time. (parang banta lang)

Herbs D. said...


gentle said...

@ cb - eh kasi, nakakatamad? hehehe

@ herbs - eh kasi hindi for public consumption. we should be drafting an agreement soon. :) tigas ulo mo eh.

gentle said...

@ niel (part two)- yup, gumana na the link. :) naerase ko ata yung html when i copied the link onto another blank page. :)

ShatterShards said...

Sus! As if you didn't like the selection I gave you. Hehe. Next time, I'll flood you with John Mayer songs naman, and Korn, if you like. hehe

Mr. Scheez said...

Hmm, nalito ako sa title. Akala ko baboy days years ago. Hehehe =)

Victor Gregor said...

glen = glenn diaz?

gentle said...

@ shattershards - pede john mayer, wag lang korn. hehe.

@ scheez - the baboy-days pictures from years ago are kept in a maximum security vault with express instructions that they not be released unless as a response to matters of national interest. :)

@ victor - glen fernandez. i'm an ancient na.. i left narra eons before you came in i think. hehehe.