of exercises and coffee meet-ups

2pm—Still in bed, playing the lazy game after finishing a lunch of crackers and oily tuna off a Tupperware container which i washed after with much disgust. The oil tends to stick hungrily to the plastic even when washed with a dishwashing liquid. And i don’t like the smell it leaves after, either. I’ve to wash it the soonest possible time so i could use it to store the crackers left for later consumption—i bought the 150 gram pack, months ago and it just sat in my cupboard accumulating dust. I know i’d be able to eat it someday; i somehow felt a day like this would come—when moving your butt feels like hauling a huge log off the forest with nothing but your bare hands.

I haven’t had a single activity since this morning that would spell exercise. Plus to factor in guilt, i even had the nerve to order eggs from kopi roti when i met with eyvicat for breakfast. And with kopi roti, they always serve you two eggs. Its my first time to order eggs from them, though i have always been intrigued as to how their egg tastes like, primarily because of the presentation. Eyvicat would have nothing to do with em so i finished the whole lot for myself, after which i concluded they’re still just eggs even though they float in a dark brown liquid and sprinkled with a dash of whatever spice on top of em. After the meet-up, i’m back to bed for the remainder of the morning, doing nothing; and just letting my mind wander to where emiliana torrini’s voice will take me. i dozed off a little bit after 12nn only to awaken to a text message from grems asking me to confirm our dinner/coffee meet up at starbucks by around six this evening.

Yes, that has been the trend for me, for almost three days now. Last Tuesday i had dinner and tea with blogger scheez. Yesterday, it was with shattershards and ryan at iceberg’s, afterwhich, we watched the Nicholas cage-starrer “knowing”, all-expense-paid by ryan’s magic identification card—thanks to ryan’s mom who happened to work for the mtrcb; Then off in a few hours to the kopi roti breakfast i had with eyvicat. Tulog lang ang pahinga! Later i’ll be collecting on grems' promise of a free starbucks coffee, which he made over friendster’s messaging service some days ago; and yes, i did extort it from him. Haha!! mark, another dorm mate from my kalayaan and narra days, just might show up later if he finishes early with his appointment, to make the projected nostalgic meet up even more interesting with his fake british accent. Hehehe. with college friends catching up on each other’s lives long after graduation, i doubt if we will ever finish by ten in the evening; in which case i should be moving my butt now.

Come on gentle, just the ab workout part. its not that hard... Puhlease?


Dylan Dimaubusan said...

puhlease ba? ahaha! sa iba kasi fleas. toinks! nyaha. la lang.

kape na ata ang dumadaloy sa veins mo gentle?..lolz

Herbs D. said...

ZOMG. we have the same puhlease line haha. APIR!

i'm thinking of going to hip hop abs too kasi they wont allow me to go to the gym cause i'm too young ><

gentle said...

@ dylan- di naman... may kasamang tsaa. hehehe. :)

@ herbs - you can just run and do other calorie-burning activities, gym membership needs financing e ala ka pa naman trabaho.

lucas said...

i love eggs. without them i'd still be as thin as a skeleton..hehe!

i love eating in iceberg. one time, spent 1k in just one sitting. hehehe!

friends pala kau ni shatts. cool!

gentle said...

@ ron - ooh! 1k! rich kid pala e2. hehehe.

yep, shatts and me are friends. :)

ShatterShards said...

@ Lucas: Hindi, hindi kami friends ni Gentle! hahaha!

Hmmm... Gaano ka kalakas kumain, to have spent 1k sa Iceberg?! Paano iyon, isang sandwich, dalawang rice meal tapos isang monster dessert, and all to yourself?

@ Gentle: The Knowing was a nice film in it's own right, but I still have mixed feelings sa ending, though.

I want more of that magic ID! hehe

wala naman akong sinasabing nagbubuhat ka ng bangko. hehe

Natigil din kasi talaga ako sa pagsusulat, and somehow, I'm finding it hard to write again, and this is aggravated by my current working conditons.

gentle said...

@ sha shattershards - i-deny daw b ako ng harap-harapan?!! er... whatever you call this setup onlyn; di nga naman tayo magkaharap di ba? bad ka! hehehe.

yep, sama natin si ry, er.. the magic ID(!) sa mga lakad with starfish, eyvicat and bulldog para makarami tayo ng sine. haha!!

gremil said...

what! our meet up only merited one sentence in your post?