sobrang cheesy talaga!

I dunno what got into me but i suddenly had this thing going with commercials. This weekend saw my senses sharpened so suddenly to the production values, script and theatrics of the commercials dominating the local television scene these days. Maybe it was my prolonged exposure to the television screen inside the bus, last Friday, when we spent almost the whole day on the road, on account of going to Cavite for Tiya Gunding’s wake and going straight home to Pangasinan after. In all the buses we rode that day, there it was, the television, airing some show; i have never been a sucker for local TV so you’ll just see me giving a ho-hum to all these, no matter how extravagant, cheap, creative or trifling the attempts to replicating foreign game shows, soaps, or series in existence today. I’m not gonna make this entry a hate campaign against local TV, baka idis-own ako ni Ize Water pag nabasa nya to hehehe. all i’ve been saying was i didn’t pay attention to the shows airing all those time that i sat with a sore butt on the bus. My point of entertainment? The commercials interspersed in between gaps. Hehehe.

Blame it on my decision of not buying a television set for my Boni abode, or just electing to watch DVDs instead of making tele-babad all day when i’m at home in the province; for when the commercials started airing, i was so amused watching some of them—some for their sheer creativity; some for their humor/ comedic timing that is so in-tune with today’s sensibilities; and well, others for their sheer stupidity. Hehehe. well, here’s a rundown of the commercials that managed to get my attention and kept me entertained even up to now, just thinking of them :

1. vit water – its already a given that product endorsements flock to Manny Pacquiao. When you see him onscreen endorsing Alaxan and/ or his other numerous endorsements, you see a sportsman in action, you hear voice over sound byte spread over a few clips, and a final shot of him delivering a nod of approval for the product. Not with vitwater. For this commercial, you see Pacquiao getting intimate and smiling for the camera, gigglish, even, speaking directly to the consumer/ viewer in English. In English!! I dunno if it’s just me but it seemed he was also faking an accent, haha! And the “now you know” line was delivered in a very endearing manner as to put to shame Robin Padilla’s similar docu-interview styled commercial where he also spoke in English to “drive” his point. Pacman was just plain adorable in this commercial.

2. LBC – i found the scenario depicted very humorous: the delivery guy handing over to the boss a package which he quickly opened whilst walking, in time to see a subordinate sleeping on the job.. and what do you get? A batok style comedy using the content of the package delivered, reminiscent of dolphy movies. Hehehe. Ah, kaya pala makakarating agad, i said to myself. :)

3. liveraide –i find the whole scene ridiculous: Robin Padilla walking into a bar full of alcohol drinkers, and asks the bartender for what, a glass of water?? WTF?! Yes, the scene drives a point, that drinking is bad for the liver; but translate that to a real world scenario—ask a bar tender for water and lecture the room of the perils of drinking. I doubt if you’ll walk out unscathed of the fury you’re bound to stir. Mata mo lang ang walang latay.

4. cornettohanggang saan ang maaabot ng bente pesos mo? So far the commercial have two running versions –one in the barbershop and another one set in the fastfood / burger joint. I find the burger scene funnier. Hehehe. Imagine yourself ordering a hamburger only to be unwrapped in front of you and taken a bite at by the cashier/ service crew to the give you the exact size of the burger that corresponds to the amount you are willing to pay. The last shot showing the expression on the cashier’s face, still chewing your burger is just priceless. Haha!

5. Greenwich -the extreme cheese overload commercial starts with a romantic shot of John Lloyd and Bea boating by a lake ala somewhere in time. The scene cuts to John Lloyd’s close up where he says he wants to end their friendship cuz he wants to start loving her as his girlfriend. At this point another boat enters the scene full of John Lloyd’s barkada (which appeared in the previous Greenwich commercial) giggling “weeee!! Sobrang cheesy!” this is the complete panira moment to an otherwise romantic shot. Works very well, if you ask me, to introduce to the scene their “sobrang cheesy” line of pizzas. Hehehe.


Herbs D. said...
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Mr. Scheez said...

I looooove the Datu Puti Mukhasim commercial (Eula, Carmi, Ina). =)

Anonymous said...

Manny Pacquiao: "naw yu nu!"

Sabi ni sister, "Anu daw?"

Kasi naman ba't di na lang mag tagalog!?! Wahahaha! Pambihira.

Mga commercial ngayon mapapatawa ka nga pero may kasamang kunot ng noo. hahaha!

I agree with you about that Robin's commercial.. Sinung hinayupak ang pupunta ng bar ng ganun..?

lucas said...

hehe! ang paborito ko dito yung sa cornetto! hahaha! ano nga kaya kung ganun sa totoong buhay noh? hahaha!

bakit naman kasi bibili o magpapagupi, kulang nman pala ang pera? hahaha!

ShatterShards said...

I no longer watch TV, so I'm spared seeing these annoying commercials that will surely give you migraine upon sight.

I agree with Mr Scheez, okay yung Datu Puti commercial. I saw it while having lunch at on of the carinderias near our office. May asim pa sila. hehe

gentle said...

@ scheez - ikaw, may asim ka pa ba? ahehehehe. hehe. :P

@ anon - di ba? tama ka.

@ ron - kung me ganon sa totoong buhay, ang masasabi ko lang sa cashier, asteeg sha. haha!

@ shattershards - yes. maasim ang mga lola mo. :P

the geek said...

@mr scheez: join ka sa contest nila..hehehe

:: cb :: said...

natuwa din ako sa cornetto ad! the guy's expression as he bit into the burger was absolutely priceless!!!