the march of the ants | header launching

Welcome to yet again another launching of yet again another green backseat header, haha! I took this picture two years ago using my Kodak c663 when it was still working. I was together with my cousins, exploring the “woods” at the back of my grandmother’s ancestral house when i suddenly had the urge to see how my digicam would fare with macrophotography; directing my lens to a group of marching ants at one of the mango trees felled by some past typhoon. I reckon that somehow, it (the tree) waited in vain for a bit of a nudge to make it stand upright again; i say in vain because it already took root in its current reclining position—very much like cate blanchett’s signature pose in Elizabeth, hehehe. so there it was, with the ants marching on its back—bathing, it seemed, in a glorious glow of the late afternoon sun. I felt so drawn to the entire scene unfolding, that i took successive pictures of the parade. This one stood out from the pack, and i kept it; never knowing that in one of my artistic fits i’m gona make use of it in time for the Lenten edition of the gentle blog. I chose a much simpler font and color this time for the blog title, to make the background picture take centerstage. Its growing on me right now that i doubt if its gonna stay only for the Lenten season. But knowing how unpredictable gentle is... oh well.


Herbs D. said...

So ano penitensya mo this lent? may i propose to you to add me so that i may bug you na sa friendster? Lol haha. Dapat nag macrosettings ka with your kodak so the ants would look more clear but i guess its what you want it to look like :-p

Anonymous said...

what can i say, indi ka obsessed with headers. hehehe =)

-- mr. scheez

gentle said...

@ herbs - wehehe. i'm thinking bout it really hard. :) hehehe. di ata ako gumamit nun that time.. that pic was super tsamba, but i love what came out. :)

@ scheez - galit ako sa headers kaya lagi ko sila pinapalitan. hehehe.

spongeBAB said...

insan, is this the time na magkakasama tayo? i think i have similar picture na mas malinaw ung mga ants... pero on a differant angle, bet mo?

gentle said...

@ spongebab - oo kuya, yan nung magkakasama tayo nina anno. asa akin din yung mga pix na kinuha mo.. i saved it sa hard drive nung nanghiram si anno ng cd para ilagay yung mga solo pics nya sa friendster, remember?

ok na rin yan, gusto ko rin kasi yung anggulo atsaka yung dalawang langgam na parang nagkikiss pa nung nakuhanan ko. tenx.