On the nature of writing

Why do we write? Why does man struggle so much to have his thoughts written on paper? Or a question for and among bloggers, why do we blog? The incessant need to have even the mundane and the trivial documented, and take their place amongst the important developments in our lives. Some say we do it for posterity's sake; so that we'll be remembered long after our frail bodies crumbled to dust and maggots got the best of us; so that grandchildren or distant relatives into the future who would stumble upon these writings will either tremble in admiration of our writing abilities, our good deeds, our gentle thoughts; or dig us out of our graves and slap us hard in the face..er skull.. for being the bastards that we are, shamelessly parading ourselves before the scrutinizing eye of our readers. Some also say that we do it for the instant and overnight fame that being wired and connected can do, for some of us who are attention-hungry. I won't do the talk and tell you that it's solely because of the first reason that got me propelling myself deep into the dizzying blogosphere; after all, i've told you i'm a camwhore haven't i? I do it for both reasons. Hehehe.

A recent article that came out in the Sunday magazine of the Inquirer, some few Sundays back, looked into the blogging phenomena; interviewing a handful of bloggers who managed to command good followings of their blogs. It went on to explore how anonymity and privacy can be compromised by just a few taps on the keyboard...self-publishing has never been this attractive in recent years! It also looked into how the blog-addicted can lose out on precious hours lived outside the net, living normal lives—lunching out with friends, a stroll in the park with mom and dad, or even one's quiet time with his or her partner. We are so connected, living entire lives in cyberspace—wondering each waking moment what could be worth blogging about; that we write about these potential happenings even before living them. Tsk, tsk. Ideas could be fatal, you know. J

Speaking of ideas, i have this one (again) that got made into a poem (again, hehehe). It's about a queen who has a poodle for a lover. Her entire court, raving mad at her decision, ran after her; chasing her and her lover er.. poodle, to their gruesome death. Bestial, ain't it? Haha! J For the juicy details, click here.

That's all for now; remember to always keep those ideas in check! :)


gravity said...

writing is taking refuge from the real world we are a part of; wherein we are able to express our deepest thoughts, even in the most, just like what you've said, trivial or mundane way.

Beaugarte said...

Whenever asked the same question, on why I write, I can also answer with an "I don't know."

Truth is, writing makes me feel like I am in a different world. I guess it always starts with being an avid reader.

Sometimes you get to the point where you just don't find the right words, when you don't really like what you read, and, in a way, you want to let others know what you feel.

I really don't know...

cyndirellaz said...

beaugarte is right, you have to be an avid reader first before you can start to write, or you should be a person who knows how to tell or explain! thank you for sharing your post.. nakakatuwa yung poem, medyo madrama LOL!

gentle said...

gravity - never could'ave put it more succinctly. :)

beaugarte- an interesting analysis, nevertheless.. :)

@cyndirellaz - ..hehehe. explaining and telling seem to be the forte of blabbermouth me... well only in the written world. in reality i have the tendency to be tongue-tied. :)

Organized Chaos said...

I write and blog because I feel the urge to do so. It doesn't really mean that I want people to read and follow what I write, but that in itself, is a plus.

We; whether we admit to it or not; strive to be released from anonymity, and writing (and blogging) is the most accessible avenue.

Anonymous said...

"a stroll in the park with mom and dad..." (natawa lang ako.hehe. :)

Niel Camhalla said...

Kahapon ko pa actually nabasa 'to. I was typing a relatively long comment in response to your question: Why do we write?

Then I realized yung reasons ko applies to me but not to the rest of the writing public. So hindi ko ni-post. :)

Pero kagabi, may nabasa akong libro ni Stephen Dobyns. Chika nya sa kanyang aklat na "Best Words, Best Order": One writes when one is unable to remain silent.

Natuwa ako at nasapul nya sa konting salita. Naiisip ko lang ibahagi.