gabby concepcion be damned!

My brain’s been in a state of mashed up existence lately; and much as I want to start in a coherent fashion, recounting the adventures of gentle in the days you did not experience him online, all I can offer you are one-liners, two at most, that do not really amount to any conclusive and/ or grand recounting of gentle tales that so far have been the trademark of this web log from its inception down to the last entry that you, gentle reader have devoured so far.

Perhaps its what others are calling “burnout”. I’ve been burning bright and clear as any shining beacon of light could, in this dimly lit, gloomy world—and by far that job has been carried out with panache for about 27 years and 6 months to this day; but for months now that light has been under a constant barrage of heavy downpour; much of the gentle you get here is already a roughed up gentle (the term 'roughed up gentle' first appeared in the hello commercials entry) trying to pass up as the still gentle gentle for old times sake. But lately the pressure of show business has been too much that even the simulated gentle persona slowly gives in to the dark side that i’ve tried so hard to resist [cue in darth vader’s theme here] ; more and more, my eyebags enlarge, seemingly acquiring bits and pieces of my brain meltdown because of heavy thinking; so forgive me, if i am not my usual self today as I dish out gentle servings of the week that was, in the life of gentle.

Monday - The new head of management spoke before us, assuring us that the status quo will be maintained, and yes, the Christmas bonus will remain intact, hehe. He then drew ten lucky winners of P5000 gift certificates afterward, in the gentle heat of the morning sun; did not leave the drawing of winners to one of his representatives unlike the previous head who’d immediately leave after addressing us. “This one’s got people skills, huh”, I thought to myself.

Tuesday - my past and present collide in this oh-so-delicious after-work awards night-cum-dinner thingie that I attended. It was sponsored by this group concerned with population and development; their publication arriving on a regular basis at the library, and which I religiously file in our filing boxes. Never in my wildest imaginings, have I ever thought that filing them in nice little green boxes would earn me ticket to eating chicken drizzled with brown sauce, with a teeny-weeny serving of brown rice on the side, at the Mandarin Oriental Suites in Gateway Mall at the Araneta Center in Cubao, hehe. former bosses from my practicum days, and old colleagues from my previous work were all there—proud awardees that they are (eherm, miron lang ako e)—providing a shining, shimmering background to an excruciating ordeal that I had to go through for nearly five hours. Glad I came out alive, hehehe. Well, enough of that night. I’ve said it would just be a one liner, haven’t i?

Wednesday – came late for work; officemates huddled close, all eager to get a feel of what the five hours felt like, hehehe. Now this is really a one liner!

Thursday – showed up at our medical clinic for the annual physical examination. Blood pressure is ok despite the LRT incident that had me running the 100 meter dash toward the bundy clock, hehehe. Showed my wrist to nurse and assured me its ok, then to the examining doctor (again) and assured me its ok, too. Feeling a bit like the girl from the o-k-k-k ubong 3K television commercial already, i shut my mouth and heaved a sigh of relief through the nose.

Friday – Went home to the province to attend to matters I’ve been putting on hold of late. Glad I made it on time, whew! Felt like a 100 meter dash again, really, as all roads led to SM City Rosales for its grand opening—traffic jam galore, Gabby Concepcion be damned! “Lakayen!”, [translation : Matanda na!] people I know who squeezed in to get a glimpse of KC’s dad remarked, somewhat disappointed at seeing crow’s feet in their matinee idol’s face. Later that night, I went with sis and mom to yet another relative’s wake; she died a day before my aunt tita’s interment. Sigh, so much death happening all at once.

Saturday – nothing happened much, except that I slept like a baby, hehehe. Now you might ask, is sleeping a bloggable thing? Well I think it is. You shouldn’t really be worrying about the bloggability of things here.. if I deem it blog-worthy, then the question of bloggableness is already resolved. Hehehe. Nosebleed ako. Ikaw? Hehehe.

Sunday – after putting off exercise in favor of blogging, I’ve manage to have the resolve of squeezing in my sun salutations and the full standing sequence of asanas before having an early dinner; early dinner so that we—mom, sis and i—could go again to the wake, much earlier than our performance last friday. Since sis would still be doing the dishes, I casually remarked, “great then, so I could still do a little blogging while waiting for you to finish”, to which mom replied “ay, kakakain mo lang ha”. Hehehe. Told mom not to fret too much; bloggin’ is not the same as joggin’—just sounds like. :) Sigh, generation gap nga naman no? Napangiti na lang kami ni ate, hehehe.

There, there. A week in the life of gentle.


jamie da vinci! said...

for someone who claims that they are experiencing a burnout, you more than eloquently recounted a full week's worth of activities.

hehehe, no worries gentle. be they be full novels or mere fragments, your writing will always be a joy to read.

dylan dimaubusan said...

bloggableness, bloggability, blog-worthy?

(wait let me wipe my nose)

there, happens all the time here in your bloggin' site, not to mention nose bleeder ako..lolz

wow, glad you've been able to post your week's activities... uhm si gabby ba ang highlights dito? "lakayen" thought it was some sort of foreign language, ilocano ka?

PoPoY said...

takte english!!!. hahaha. sakit ng ulo ko may namuong dugo yata.

okey naman pala ang weekend mo eh. nakita mo ba ang nakasmile na moon kagabi? ayun, smile lang daw tayong lahat!!!

gentle said...

@ jamie - tenks for always enjoying my entries. :)

@ dylan - hehehe. gawa gawa ko lang yan. since "blogging" is fairly new [coined from the words web+log=blog] i took the liberty of messing up the word further.

yip yip. ilocano ak manang!

@ popoy - buti naman nakausap mo ang bwan. hehehe. di ko nagawa last nyt e. bisi blaging!

dylan dimaubusan said...

ah, ako hindi. hehe. nakakaintindi lang. kung minsan, trying hard. di kami nasanay ni inang..;)

Anonymous said...

nakita ka rin ni rome dun sa coverage... ang payat mo daw... skeleton ka daw... hahaha!

gentle said...

@ dylan - :)

@ anonymous - exagg naman na yan! hehehe. di na ako naniniwala, pramis!

ize water said...

Funny. All the fuzz about Gabby on TV and yet in reality, he's nothing more now than an object of curiosity - that the sight of him in person would automatically disperse any interest of beholding him any further. Indeed, he's gotten old.

Speaking of burn-out... I'm having my own moments too. But you're handling it much better than I am.

Oh, yeah. I've seen you in that coverage too! *cough* dancing *cough* :)

gentle said...

wel wel wel. i hope i dont look like i'm in an excruciating pain there sa coverage. :)

bat ba lahat yan ang bati sa ken.. (adatuts, jerome) akalain tuloy ng ibang makabasa sikat ako weheheh. but the food was good.. di nga lang ako makalamon kase kelangan demure.

ize water said...

it might be of use someday, when you get to be incredibly famous - we'd pull out this video of yours from the archives and expose it to the 'net. :)

... wait,

... do we REALLY have to wait for you to get famous before doing that? *nasty grin*

*thinking* hmmm *thinking*