They say that if you’re in love, age doesn’t matter; moreso if you’re a kapampangan, i bet H doesn’t matter, too. Hehehe. Was taking breakfast this morning when I heard somebody in the cafeteria say that line in a style that will put stand-up comedians to shame. I almost bowled over laughing, but just kept to myself, really trying hard to repress a guffaw. Corny ko no?

If one eats vegetables exclusively for his or her diet, that person is called a vegetarian, right? What do you call then people relying on meat solely for their dietary requirements? Hehehe.. why, meatitarians, of course!!

Speaking of meaty, (“malaman” in the vernacular) manny pacquiao won his match yesterday with oscar dela hoya. Didn’t watch ‘em slug it out as I am particularly averse to violence (hence the name “gentle”) but just the same i’ve managed to update myself (willing or unwilling) as everywhere I went “pacman” was the toast of news updates aired on radio and television; not to mention the snippets of conversations I’ve manage to hear, passing by people in animated discussion. In the course of one of my catwalks, I’ve heard that manny thanked all the politicians present and who supported him in his latest bout with dela hoya; and to which (this I gotta verify, or if you wanna correct me through comments, go!) the host/ interviewee remarked something like “wow, you’re also an upcoming politician, manny.” Sigh. Is this a sign of things to come? Please oh please, no!! Just shine in what you’re good at, boy! Ok, host shows with chris tiu but stay there!

Well, speaking of politicians, I can’t help but marvel at the fact that really, it is a science. I mean, marketing yourself to as big a crowd your machinery can handle is no easy task. It entails lots of careful study on how to build an image that will really stand come election time, and oh my, how she excels! Listening to her parry and throw incisive questions (ala pacman punches) scrutinizing this and that.. I must say she is turning out to be the complete package. Amidst the blaring speakers as I tap tap tap.. I must say the media work done is a superb one! Haynaku.

Meanwhile in Gotham... another out of this world errand came up, as I was resuming this little hobby. My oh my, gentle, are you ready for another reunion? Knowing that the beat is covered, I expect to say yet another little onscreen "hello" in just a span of 1 week, to my first family in kamuning, haha! Well, an upcoming reunion entails a bit of relaxing and unwinding so I’ll look fresh for tomorrow’s exertions. A night at the spa seems to be a logical choice but I just can’t spend and spend as a lapie-toppie is of utmost priority. Hence I’ll just have to take a raincheck with a spa buddy who’s itching for a massage. Been texting me last Sunday but I had mixed feelings on saying yes; look at what my instincts confirmed.

Well, as the line from laura esquivel’s “like water for chocolate” goes: to the table or to the bed, you must come when you are bid. Bow!!


jamie da vinci! said...

can u spell ISTAP EN GO!? :) nahilo ako sa dami ng topic! ahahaha, pero masnahilo ako dahil wala na yung tilted head banner pic mo... tumagilid and mundo bigla! ahahahaha!

Abou said...

naliligaaw ba ako? me kulang ata dito di ko lang matumbok ha ha

gentle said...

@ jamie - life lived in hurtling speed is a life well lived. ahehehe.
too much clutter eh. kelangan maglinis.

@ abou - hinde, andito ka sa teritoryo ko.

dylan dimaubusan said...

palitan mo na rin kaya yung blog name mo ng gentle blog..wala na rin naman akong makitang green, lolz..

anyways, ang dami mong sinabi, sumakit ata ulo ko..kiddin. about manny, may gulay! i heard that rumor also, sabi nang wak na tatakbo sa election eh.. anu pa bang gusto ng taong yun.. recognized na sya ng mundo as a great boxer kaya sana wak na sya magpauto sa mga politicians na sumusuhol.. well, enough of manny.

gentle said...

@dylan - ahm. gentle blog.. pwede den. ahm.. parang naumay ako bigla!

Beaugarte said...

About the "H" Joke: I had to stop reading an wipe tears flowing from my eyes beacuse I was laughing so hard... :)

About Manny Pacquiao: The fight was so boring, I knew Manny was going to win the fight even before the first round ended. People were wondering why I was watching the fight, the only reason I could give was I had no cable, and that was the only interesting thing to watch - while putting on my make up for the night's party. LOL.

About the spa thing: If I could just have a day to have a massage I'll take it... Hay...

:) You had a lot covered for this blog entry, hence the mile long comment. :)