caleruega's crazee bunch

saturday was a day for meeting old and new friends.

i really had a blast seeing mr. chowking again, after that sarongbanggi night i had with him and eyvicat some years ago. he's now sporting a much slimmer physique and the same vavavoom image that is such a joy to behold, haha!! of course there were the new ones--not really new ones as eyvicat had truckloads of pictures to show me even before meeting them, so its like saying the meet up was just a sort of validation of who owns which face and which voice (as some of them i've spoken with, over the phone before).

there's the fascinating blogagotchi girl who easily switches accents, it seems, at the push of an imaginary button. hehehe. oh, and she writes poems, too! (double the fascination!) then there's mother zephyr who's just as fabulous as mr. chowking. we immediately hit it off, realizing we had the same teacher in spanish, and well, edel garcellano, too. the road trip we took was a blast; never running out of things to talk (and to laugh) about, even though purple E slept most of the time (she came from the graveyard shift, so we didnt take it against her, much. hehehe. kiddin.); but she was back in her undazed and unconfused self once the caleruega photo shoot commenced, and that deserves another entry with pictures taking centerstage. meeting naj, the last one i've spoken with, in the group, immediately reconnected me to my sob days in masscom. but she was a real nice lady; all pain went poof like a smoke, as we hit it off (decent images, please) on mr. chowking's car on the way to caleruega.

Caleruega really spelled out my weekend. i never really thought of it as a wow place before, having had glimpses of the quaint chapel-retreat cum forest reserve and ecopark on the outskirts of tagaytay, only from previous eyvicat pictures i've seen. seeing the place alive and kicking with its varied flora and fauna, and its showstopping hanging bridge firsthand, is an experience unto itself; one which will assault a first time visitor on all levels. and i mean, levels because its literally a hike, getting to the place; but i can say i was pleasantly assaulted. so assault me some more, please!!

much as i'm assuming that you, dear reader is enjoying this little write-up, i regret to cut short this post as i have pressing things to attend to. like choosing my outfit. :) will be meeting up with the crazee bunch again for a party-all-night thingie at the fort. so there... bye! hoping to regale you with interesting tales again, at the closing of the event. or, if no post follows immediately, just assume i had a blast and passed out on the dance floor. hehehe. :)


Niel Camhalla said...

May pictures from the event next sa next post?


gentle said...

@ neil - ahaha. so sa party ka pala interested ha. ala ko dalang cam nung party eh. :) i'm also hoping the pips present na nagdala ng cam would email me the pix.

Anonymous said...

ingit ako. hehehe =)

- Mr. Scheez

gentle said...

@ scheez - haha. talaga? cge, post ko pa pix para lalo ka maingget. ;P