the palace mole files

Dear gentle reader,

This is to inform you that Gentle, Master of the House of Enchantment and Eternal Bliss is currently contemplating of changing his “Hello Reader, I am Gentle” introduction.

It is in the light of recent developments in his writing life that had him taking the poet’s path, that little service road branching out from Prose Avenue and not usually taken because it’s dusty, meandering, haunted, and well, quite forgotten.

The aforementioned idea dawned on the master whilst performing his favorite Sunday morning activities that include raking dried leaves off the palace grounds, tending to the dogs, and dusting off cobwebs from the various art installations located in the main hall. These activities are so calming to his troubled mind that he actually had the time to realize that what transpired in his writings last night (poetry, poetry, poetry galore), might actually be a sign for him to consult his stars.

What the stars revealed—a matter that is hush-hush and strictly confidential—had the grand vizier deem talks containing such, as strictly prohibited, even more so in whispers. But being the nosy chambermaid that I am, I feel deeply honored to reveal to you, gentle reader, that the master plans to replace the existing lengthy introduction to just three words : “wordsmith in training”, or so my research tells me.

Please be advised though, that this is not an official statement issued by the palace; and that whosoever with authority (i.e. the palace guards) that catches you spreading such delicate talk with complete carefree abandon, might and will, take the necessary actions to expunge you of the memory of ever possessing aforementioned classified information . Extreme caution then is strongly advised.

Yours in Gentle service,

Chambermaid K.



jamie da vinci! said...

ei gentle chambermaid... have you met natas'ya? she works as a french maid for this eccentric chinese polar bear over the fence. maybe you guys could get together and trade secrets, u know, maid to maid. ahahaha!

gentle said...


Abou said...

oh this chambermaid loves taking photos of his tasks. had the palace known this, i bet you would have find yourself floating in the pasig river. ha ha

Niel Camhalla said...

"wordsmith in training"

apt and concise.

you may want to save the old one as a blog entry (in case you haven't).


cyndirellaz said...

hi have read your post!! nice motiff ^_^ may i ask, why chamber maid?

anyway, i have added you to one of my links!! pa link din!!

gentle said...

@ abou - chambermaid k is not here. this is gentle speaking. i've sent her to the deep recesses of the palace vaults to rot with the corpses. insolent mole. hehehe.

@ neil - thanks for the suggestion!

@cyndirellaz - hello. chambermaid k is a chambermaid to gentle, master of the house. and of this blogsite. welcome!!

dylan dimaubusan said...

Though I was lost, haha, ngayon lang kasi ako nakapunta ulit dito.. neat and simple, very nice!