my nights are endless
undulating silken rivers
flowing through these veins
intoxicating, alluring,
like late-night coffee talks
I take with you

in slumber I swim, up
your body’s highest peak,
wrestling the tides like a fish
in love with the moon;
to hang your picture
aglow with the stars--

frame your face
with the ebbing of the aurora
immortal for all to see--
like the dotted gods of the night sky;
ancient greek watchmen
gaze at steadily

you sip your cup, smiling
as you watch me wade
through this, my sea of lucid dreams
in between more sips
we swirl; undaunted even
as dawn crawls her steady pace

she finds me awake,
giggling, shaking
caffeine-busted veins
smelling of me and you
and night time fishes too.

note : this also appears in my poetry collection. click here for more.


jamie da vinci! said...

this is what you get when you have too much caffeine before going to bed.

sadly, my experiences with java pre-slumber are never as profound. :)

love the poem gentle. :)

Dingbat said...


me: gotta have my caffeine fix

my doppelganger: at 7 in the evening?

me: read that poem, again...

my doppelganger: double espresso for me

lucas said...

very nice poem :)


kanino namang kayang mukha ang ifeframe mo using the aurora? ahehe!

someone's in love...AWOOOOO!!

Anonymous said...

inlababo ka ba o talagang inspired lang tumula? ;)

how nice. pero dahil bangag na ata ako pataas ko binasa per stanza.

i used to write cheesy poems way back in college. naiwan ko sa Baguio, sayang hope i could get it back.

ang tagal maubos ng kape sa poem mo, hahaha! piz!

gentle said...

@dingbat - nosebleed din ako sa comment mo. comment pa lang yan ha.. huwat more pag nag-poyem ka. :)

@ron - nakaframe na. hehehe. awooo back.

@dylan - i'm always in love naman at inspired tumula eh. :) magtea ka para matunawan sa tula ko hehehe. :)

PUSANG-gala said...

i know you love poems and making them is one attribute your good at....di ako masyadong matalinghagang tao at medyo limited ang akig vocabulary sa english so muntik nang pumutok mga nerves ko sa utak to get the meaning....keke

Hi! I'm Grace said...

I like your poem. :)

gentle said...

@ pusang gala - took me time to read this one.. i hope ok ka na? kamusta mga ugat mo? hehehe

@ grace - thanks for appreciating my poem!