randominatrix on the road

ever heard of barangay talaga? hehehe. its one of those barangays you'll pass by going up north ; the founding fathers of that place must have been very sure when they were coming up of a name for their barangay.

another one on names, consider amai pakpak somewhere in mindanao (i think). it used to go by another name, until the powers-that-be in that place came up with a resolution changing some letters in its name to make it more palatable to tagalog ears. clue, it used to be am*i p*kp*k, hehehe. this bit of info came from somebody who handles this sorta stuff in my place of work so if there's somebody passing by who might take offense, sue him! hehehe.

a flawless advertisement recently flaunted lorna tolentino in one of its EDSA billboards with the tagline "beauty becomes her". there's no question that lorna is beautiful; i just wish the person who cooked up the ad would have some bit of originality in his bone. anybody passing by who's a sucker for movies would immediately connect the meryl streep starrer "death becomes her" to it. would you want that to happen, especially if your promoting an aesthetics center?


Abou said...

ha ha andami mong nakikita. naobrahan ka ata ng vitamin A for good eyesight ha ha tama ba?

ize water said...

nothing to worry about the beauty centre... ms. streep's movie has probably been forgotten in the psyche of Pinoys under the pile of Mano Pos, Enteng Kabisotes, and local cheeezy teen/chick flicks who feature the hottest television love teams.

personally, I think we should rename this country too. :)

gentle said...

republic of ize water? hehehe :)

ize water said...

how about the Gentle Republic? ;-P

gentle said...

@abou - tumpak! hehehe.