swallow me whole

night raven,

you sang me
to sleep
sweetly; i toss
in my bed, restless
you to want
me, wanting
your song spinning
in my head

night raven,

you flew me dreaming
atop your perch--
your voice smiles,
sing me
your heart song;
and i will leap
without thought
or hesitation
to my welcoming ravine

but your heart song
is my devouring--
i dance, i spin
to your hearty croaks;

ravens do not sing

soon i must wake,
I know I should—
rain down
arrows on you;
tear down
your song’s
supple walls.

in the waking world
i hear
Sanity calling

and i’ll run, I’ll flee
your voice
smiling, beguiling;
in my head,
and heed her call

lest you,
darling night raven

swallow me whole

* a moving-on poem written for a friend.

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