ohmski and the randominatrix

checked my blog late this afternoon to find a pleasant surprise waiting for the green backseat : we were featured by ohmski label to the millions of poor souls who religiously follow his blog like air to their lungs. (!) gosh, what can i say? i didn't expect this kind of treatment, having just stumbled on his blog just a week ago. this is a rather fumbling attempt at duplicating what he did, featuring my blog ; and alas, i have to concede to his greatness and declare that his was a tough act to follow. i lay sprawled to his feet like a slave ready to be fed to the lions. thanks ohmski.

lawyers are usually refered to as people in the "legal profession" if so, i'm thinking is there such a thing as an "illegal profession"? imagine nosebleeding your brains out in college only to be tagged as being in the "illegal profession". hehehe.

mel tiangco's public service segment in 24 Oras is titled "Kapusong Totoo". Cue in the voice over saying "Mel Tiangco, ang inyong kapusong totoo". why oh why did they come up with that tagline! its like saying theres a "kapusong peke"! welwelwel.

ever notice the maybank yellow signage (the one with the tiger as logo)? who the hell thought of such?! needless sign if you ask me. of course there's a bank! the yellow of the signage pulls you in only to state the obvious that there is a bank in the vicinity. duh. its exactly like the mayfarm sign i passed by in tarlac, riding the bus going to the province. nosebleed!


ohmski said...

NAKS! nandito na rin pala ako. nosebleed din ako sa post mo. hehe. you're welcome gentle. nga pala, not so many people follow my blog. in fact, kaw palang. hehe... i'm not pressuring you tho to feature me. natuwa din kasi ako that someone follows my blog literally. :)

gentle said...

not pressuring.. you already pressured me kaya. ayan o, may artikol ka na. ikasaya mo yan. hindi ba pressure yang matatawag!! joke. ;)

ohmski said...

hahaha... natuwa naman talaga ako. isama mo pa ang pangalan ni mel tiangco. hehe