weekend warrior or, sister cat blues

Hrmpf. I think Sister Catatonia wreaks havoc here, too.

It’s been three days since I had the zombie episode, staring wide-eyed into the computer screen in what could have been close to half-a-day of productivity lost—mall tours, movie marathon or chit-chat with friends over coffee, if you consider those activities in the category of “productive”, at all. Hehehe. But since sister Cat (yup, her pet name) is such an endearing hostess, she made sure that i sat and wrote til my butt hurt. That was Friday.

The days that followed were actually much kinder episodes, as I was able to accomplish a lot of things in the hearts department, engaging in an eat-til-you-vomit bonanza with officemates last Saturday at Marina Seafood Restaurant in Pasay City for baby Alec’s christening ; then its me on full throttle again, braving the cancer-inducing smoke emissions of vehicular traffic going to Tagaytay to join shattershards and eyvicat just in time to attend baby Bastie’s first birthday celebration. Its an irony that people go to the Tagaytay countryside for crisp chilly winds that spell nature tripping only to be bombarded by the lung-eating smoke emissions of rusty cars and dirty buses at the coastal road, crawling at a be-patient-or-die pace.

if there' s a poster-boy that day for the urban weekend warrior ad concept targeted at yuppies walking their Makati and Ortigas catwalks, its me in full shining glory—two thumbs up for backpacking at such short notice, braving the smoke-filled arena of Bacoor’s rush hour traffic, and of course, slaving it through Manong Scruffy's endless cigarette-puffing in front of me, oblivious to my lungs crying out for even just a whiff of fresh air.

Such torment could have been easily avoided had I taken an air-conditioned bus instead of following my preachy “come on ate rose, where’s your sense of adventure?!” declaration while looking for a vehicle to get us out of Marina Restaurant earlier in the day. But I suspect my just-described ordeal points to a much earlier grim origin that has something to do with cats.

I hate to think that a face-off encounter with a black cat crossing the street some nights ago has anything to do with this. But since it’s a week away from Halloween and November 1, let us take time to frighten ourselves a bit by considering the facts : this is my 13th entry—the number thirteen, as we’ve all been brought up to believe, takes its place in the list of "evil" numbers to avoid, foremost among them being 666 ; and black cats strutting their stuff on the streets, well they are staples of spookfests. Could Sister Cat’s hand be on any of these coincidences, nay, convergences? It chills me just to even think about it.

To cap off the weekend, our trio fresh from the highlands, rushed to the SM Mall of Asia Convention Center to attend our friend Kenneth’s show at the Philippine Fashion Week. He was one of the 10 or so young designers featured at Design Fusion, one of the shows in the event’s week-long roster of shows. Bodies glistened and worked the catwalk to the tune of upbeat music ; models sashayed, pirouetted, and enchanted the crowd as they modeled clothes ranging from the shabby-chic, party cuts, high-end ensembles, to es-em (some friend’s joking term for segunda mano) inspired creations. Kenneth in his usual flair wowed the audience by having his models wear platinum blond curly wigs and paper hats that stood out from the rest of the evening’s (well, with one or two exceptions—sorry for being biased; been a Kenneth fan ever since he wore that fabulous mariposa outfit some two years ago hehehe) otherwise ho-hum outings.

He was last to walk the ramp along with a model wearing his signature piece for the season—same cut, fabric and color pallete as with the others, but the big draw—this model had a mummy-like cat stripped of skin and flesh, bones painted gold, perched on her shoulder; as imposing as the gait by which the model made known the presence of her cat-familiar.

Just as the show ended, I can’t help but cringe at the creeping realization that again, it’s a cat for me, making the big statement of the week.

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