of frogs and lily pods!

well, what to write in my first post? don't wanna be specific this early on and zero in on topics. but hey, a blog isn't a blog at all without topics, eh? lets look at my pretty tagline then to get a taste of things to come in the hereafter of me-blogging-for-pleasure. and my pleasures are?

hehehe... the tagline pretty much sums up what this blog would be about : living (all things food, travel, books, music, movies, exercise, etc.--everything we could think of) ; laughter (humor... hopefully! me? funny?! haha! you decide!) ; loving (past loves, present loves, future loves--and i mean food is still included, of course) and uhm... lingering (seriously, hehehehe. ponder, dear reader, for the pond is wide and you are but a mere frog resting on your lily pod).

and with that, i bid you all, royal subjects, a grand welcome to the green backseat! more on the blog title in following issues.

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