ms. jolie's famous lips

lara croft rocks!

i'm currently at the sanctuary of the scion level in the reworked, vamped-up original tomb raider that made its debut in the early 1990s. it is now aptly titled 'tomb raider anniversary', and gawd, the graphics and the sound elements just take my breath away everytime i play it. i've not played the original tomb raider game. before encountering 'anniversary' in the gameshelves of a local pc shop, what i know of the sexy and cunning heroine came by way of ms. jolie's famous lips when she played the character in a movie adaptation in the early part of 2000.

'anniversary' has a very challeging gameplay in that it requires the player to actually think. the environments in which lara finds herself in are actually large puzzle pieces in which she is required get from point A to point B, taking in the clues she gets along the way. in this regard i really like the game as it veers away from the common point and shoot games that plague the market.

i've spent sleepless nights just thinking how to get past the moving sphinx statues in egypt's temple of khamoon. when i actually got past em a sense of achievement immediately takes away one's frustration of not being able to propel lara into the next level. some of the reviews say the game is not intended for beginners. but i daresay the game really keeps you on your toes, thinking what to do and where to go next. its a must for people who go for challenging games.

with that said, i am really looking forward to the release of 'tomb raider underworld' this november. by then i hope to have finished 'anniversary' already. as of the moment i'm now itching to fight that giant squid monster somewhere in the arctic seafloor!

note : lara photo by BlaM4c on flickr

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