hello commercials!

have you heard about the multiplier effect? well i've read somewhere that it is a heightened condition that results from a previous condition because we choose to react. simply put, if for example you are under severe stress and you choose to fuss over how stressed you are, then you double your stress level. and that is not a good thing, right? on the other side of the spectrum you have an alternative. if you choose to be positive with your outlook, everything would feel light as a feather and bright as a cloudless day. and that is always a good thing.. right?

recently i have been put under a severe stress test and much as i want to let you in with the oh-so-juicy details of my present state, my manager decided to keep everything under wraps as i wouldn't be gentle anymore if my fandom knew how roughly id been treated. tell me, does the idea of a roughed-up gentle even make you a bit interested? the secret to longevity in this business, my manager tells me is sticking to the tried and tested formula. and i have been gentle as long as you can remember so a change of image is definitely not in the agenda. :)

so to create a positive multiplier effect in my somewhat roughened but still gentle life, i turned to things which would take my mind away from the all the roughness that ruffled my gentle existence--one of which is blogging. i started blogging in 2004, but it is an on and off affair. nevertheless i've managed to accumulate a hefty stockpile of gentle facts in the internet that, if one is to piece a string of gentle data together, one might be able to recreate a year in the life of gentle. having said that, a year of mellowdrama and high drama might be in order; but it is not necessary to burden you with all that, dear reader, so i decided to start with a clean slate by deleting existing blogs that do not go well with my cleaned up, much gentler image you see now. :)

it is painful, and post-partum depression might be in order now that i have mentioned it--you do not just write about something--a lot of feelings went to the writing of those blog entries, now gone with just a single tap of the delete key. reviewing my old blog before deletion, i stumbled upon an entry whose main feature is the quotable gentle quote, "love is a battlefield and i am a soldier". a bucketful of tears went to the writing of that, and it pained me to part from it. but i must--i did, if a successful moving-on is to be in order.

i must always keep in mind the multiplier effect advertisement i've read, and i must do that maybe until christmas time, if an effective change is really desired. the time is now to just blog about positive things, keeping the personals to a minimum, as advertisements won't come in the way of capitalizing on ones emotions. the days of the confessional-dear-diary type blogs is over for me. hello commercials!

so there you have it, the birth of the gentle persona. the star that my manager have to peddle at every reader's doorstep to ensure maximum chances in making it to this type of business. wish me luck! :)

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