ode to bagnet

or, the sinfully delicious cholesterol-infested pork rinds of the ilocos region, philippines. hehehe.

nope, this is not going to be a poem or a song in praise of the wonder that is bagnet; but just the same it is meant to be as free flowing--like a gush of fresh warm blood from a broken artery somewhere in your chest, after eating a barrel-full of bagnet. hehehehe.

i first chanced upon this gastronomic feast when our group went to the ilocos countryside, summer of last year, to have a break from our tiresome city lives. we took the customary group picture, shot in front of the centuries-old houses lining up a street in vigan, and frolicked with the waves of maira-ira beach (dubbed as ilocos region's 'blue lagoon' reminiscent of the brooke shields movie that hit the screens of the 1980s) in pagudpud. but even the magnificent architecture of paoay church do not even come close to the oohs and aahs a first bite from bagnet would elicit, what with the crisp on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside feel this marvel of ilocandia has come to be known for. complement that with the exotic sounding and moreso, tasting, KBL concoction--a condiment made of a mixture of bagoong (fish paste), diced tomatoes and onions--and it will surely send you spiraling to foodie haven in no time. :)

the malls here in the metro have bagnet offerings in their food establishments but these do not come close to the original, no matter how hard they try. they are more like glorified 'chicharons' , heir apparent to the throne occupied by bagnet. so i write this entry, salivating, dreaming of the time i'd go back again to ilocos, savoring the lovely sunsets and the serene landscapes but more over smelling the aroma of the KBL poured on top of a piece of bagnet in a bed of steaming rice!

sweet dreams indeed.

note : bagnet photo taken from http://www.marketmanila.com/archives/lechon-kawali-bagnet-part-ii.


Carina said...

hehehe. i'm also a marketmananila reader. :)

gentle said...

galeng no. sobrang amazed ako sa bagnet preparation! :)