Event with a capital E.

went home to pangasinan (land of the bangus, or the yummy philippine milkfish to you, international reader) to spend this year's all saints day commemoration with my mom. sis, bro-in-law and kids went to laharlandia to be with my kuya's (that what you call your brother or bro-in-law older than you, international reader) relatives.

all saints day here is really an Event, and a capital E for that. people come out to commune with their dead, and in the process see their relatives they haven't seen in a long while. the day for the dead becomes a day to party it out, sometimes even dressing for the event because its the day to "see and be seen" in the provinces. these parties are guaranteed to lure out your neighborhood resident drunkards, and before you could even flash your sweetest smile and wave your hands to the maddening crowd you pretend to be your fan base, there breaks a riot among the swaggerin, beerbottle-carrying drunkeeos in a nearby burial lot. well, all of that madness is reserved for tomorrow's event but for now, its blog time for me.

the last week, found me a very busy bee in terms of changing the look of my blog, tinkering with this and that feature, adding this and that widget all in vain hope of makin my blog marketable. i learned that its not just enough that you have interesting stuff to get your audience coming back for more, you should have an audience to start with, hehehe.

gentle went gaga with sending sms messages, pleading to friends, relatives and officemates to "take a chance on me" (cue in the abba song!). well it seems that i still have lotsa marketing stuff to do to establish a solid following but something totally unexpected happened that made gentle's day. oliver the newspaper guy who blabbers a lot about movies and stuff became my first follower. yes, oliver--the artsy one who came up with the marvelous 'lexy nance and argus' comic book and whose site i found by way of carver's (another hero) blogsite--"followed" my blog. i'm not really keen on making this entry an homage to the guy but its turning out like that anyway so i think its a big cue for me to wrap things up and go home. it'll soon be dark, and the net shop might be closing anyways, anytime soon; besides, i cant make mom wait too long or she'll worry.

oops, before i go, heres something i came up with just this afternoon. i'm fond of using the adobe and i came up with something to jazz up this place a bit and send potential fans (that includes you, international reader) scurrying for hiding places. hehehe. enjoy!

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