moisturize, moisturize!

sleep is a precious commodity for people living on the brink. and if there ever were legitimate citizenship offerings on brinkland i'd be its foremost citizen. yes, sleep deprivation makes one go cuckoo, and its bad for the skin, too. :) so my dermatologist's advise : moisturize, moisturize.
hehehe. assuming the post of the sleep loss expert i'd have to ask you this question : ever had that floating, light-headed feeling, like your limbs have minds of their own and that they no longer follow the line of command from your brain center? i get that feeling all the time. so off to sleep, i should go in a few minutes. just now i can hear the shores of the dreaming beckoning to me.
if you are a fantasy fan then its a no-brainer to you that i am refering to neil gaiman's creation, the sandman, whose domain is the dreaming, a habitation of fantastic dream creatures that converge in this, the sandman's created paradise. cuckoo, in this piece of gaiman literature is not synonymous to being a bit loose in the head. cuckoo is a nasty creature with plans of world domination ala jessica zafra. but this devious schemer turns out to be just a minor character and story in this 10-volume work. the whole series is a universe on its own, a very massive piece of excellent writing paired with artist renderings that rival gaiman's imagination. i still have to complete the series but so far, the story has been a good mix of mythology and good ole family drama, being that dream, or sandman, is part of a brood of seven immortal beings older than the gods, calling themselves the endless. each brother or sister have their respective backstories that meld seamlessly onto the running storyline (so far, in my reading)--that of sandman's search for his missing son, orpheus. i soo love how neil fleshed out each character, giving each one a unique personality that makes them endearing to the readers. one particular sister stood out. the goth girl with the cheerful personality who goes by the name death; her character is so fully developed that she managed to have a spin off (death series) title from the original sandman series.
i could go on to blabber about the other sister who speaks with butterflies and rainbows in her speech bubbles but its really getting late and i really have to get my sleep now. i actually started this blog wanting to write about guillermo del torro's pan's labyrinth but since i really am in a limbo, floating and spiraling, i really havent much control with the directions my thoughts take on tonight. this is gentle in scatter-brain mode. hehehe. well it turned out good, anyway, and i am all smiles with my entry tonight. i'd head out for the dreaming in a while and probably have a good chat with barbie and wanda. goodnight!

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