sister catatonia

sister catatonia
my eyes bleed for you
untether me from
these unflinching stares
unhinge me, unbind me
look away
cursed beauty
absolve me
all this madness

been staring at the screen like forever. looked at this guys blog, and that guys blog. actually all of 'em creative geniuses i admire and look up to. cant wait for carver's opus to come out (no pun intended, hehehe) and hit the shelves. oliver's site is a surprise find, as i really didnt look for it. its no wonder that he'd be linked with carver's somehow. i'm just a moron not to see it the first time, dang! imagine how my gentle heart pirouetted to the tune of "bituing marikit" with all these pleasant discoveries.

also this whole preoccupation with blogging led me to unearthing goodies i havent touched in a while. poems. a trunkful, actually. the site where i stored my poems just sort of collected cobwebs coz of years of neglect, hehehe. the poem intro to this entry is just a crude attempt to oiling the creative burner i havent used for sometime. i can say that my creative journey really began with poems, having discovered i can scribble a good deal after i had this petty (well it was really big deal for both of us, looking back) argument-turned-fight-for-dear-life episode with roy my roommate (i miss the narra days! whatever happened to you roy? i hope you get to read this in this lifetime. hehehe). he'd write things on his side of the wall, i'd write my retaliatory attacks on mine. poetry flowed like blood from a wound that just wouldn't heal (because its such a joy to pick on it just when the scabs begin to form! hehehe).

the semester ended and we had to erase all the writings otherwise clearances wouldn't be signed. it also signaled our eventual kiss and make up episode, ending our almost half-a-semester clash. the lull after the storm kinda dulled my writing, too, coz i didnt really have something to write about. i mean our fight fueled me to reach emotional heights i couldnt really have reached without roy fuelling my hurt feelings. my eventual triumphs in the rolling hills of diliman and my brushes with the sublime (*wink, wink) further alienated me from my muse. dang! all that revelation after such intense declarations against self-confessional blogging (see hello commercials!), what in the world is happening to me? catatonia has never been this irrisistible.

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