sony psp trade quotas

i want meself a sony psp! so i could while away idle minutes of my MRT train rides playing 'tomb raider anniversary' or 'might and magic' on this oh-so-shiny toy.

riding the train, i've noticed there has been a growing army of geeks sporting this arsenal of games--visibly strapped to their necks like the new bling-bling of the day--oblivious to the danger of being victimized by pickpockets who ply the MRT too meet their trade quotas.

the black market for stolen gadgets--cellphones, portable mp3 players and the psp's ilk--is on the rise again and growing by the minute especially now that Christmas season is just a stone's throw away from making a grand entrance. i should know as i have been a victim of cellphone theft walking the street on the way to work some two years ago. just the thought of those thugs who lured my sony ericsson fone into their traps makes me wanna scream and spank some sense into these poor souls who are jumping and punching and kicking, inarguably lost in their self-created virtual worlds amidst the hoi poloi and the criminals riding the MRT.

such noble intentions, huh?! nah, i'm just envious. hehehe. and besides, how in the world could a pickpocket possibly get a hold of a neck-strapped psp? unless the head goes with it. welcome to the philippines. :)

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