trash talk: the schizo issue

8:56 pm. Just got home from work. Had dinner at mc donald’s boni where i feasted on a cheese burger deluxe, a paltry substitute for a quarter pounder—my idea of a real feast—but filling enough, nonetheless (i have to force-feed this idea upon myself, otherwise the earlier jog along roxas boulevard with officemates during our office’s “sports hour” would have been all in vain, had i given in to the temptation of ordering that sinfully delicious quarter of a pounder temptation, hehehe).

upon setting down my trusty backpack containing the sweaty stuff from the jog, i immediately got to readying the trash—a week’s worth—for disposal, with just a minute’s walk to the community trash commune from where i am renting. its there—the plastic bag containing the food canisters, water bottles, bus tickets, atm and convenience store receipts, flyers, and other pieces of trash—ready and waiting to be disposed, staring back at me from where i am conveniently sprawled, typing away in this itty-bitty mini bedroom with my door ajar, just enough to see my trash parked by the wall. its stare is hypnotizing.

Take me down. Take me down now.

Ayaw. My head is aching and my leg muscles are sore from the jog. The last thing i wanna do is move my tired ass to dispose of you. i’ll just finish typing this one and pretend to have disposed of you by saying i went down and took care of you. its that easy. Words are on my side.

Come on, who are you kidding? The room’s a mess and so are you. if you don’t dispose of me tonight, the next chance you’ll have of throwing me away will be by tomorrow night again. Trash disposal starts at 4 pm and ends at 12 midnight, after which i will be collected along with other garbage from trash receptacles conveniently situated round the neighbourhood. Disposing of me after that time will entail a penalty if you get caught. If i stay here for one more day you’ll be having cockroaches crawling all over your walls.

Ok, ok. Nuff said!


Anonymous said...

o hai there kuya gentle? how r u koya? its been a long time since we last chatted. sana tama ang english ko hahaha, epekto ng kabusugan.


Popoy :)

Niel Camhalla said...

Is a dirty job but someone has done it. Why can't we? Hehehe

gentle said...

@ poy - bisi sa pagiging basurero eh. hehehe.

@ neil - i love taking dirty jobs, haha!