si nanay

"Sang barrio ang pupuntahan nyo dun? Alam mo ba ang pangalan?"

"Nay, natanong mo na sa kin yan ng ilang beses kahapon, diba? Sang beses pa lang ako nakarating dun at mag- lilimang taon na din yun. Di ko alam. Sa city hall naman ng olongapo nila ako dadaan eh".

thus ended yet another conversation between me and my dear mother. Reading her facial expression, she could have been saying, “wag ka na lang kaya pumunta anak, baka mawala ka dun”.

Ate fely’s father died last Thursday at Zambales. People at the office made arrangements to go there to show support. They will all be coming from manila, while i’m coming straight from tatay’s birthday celebration here at pangasinan. The rendezvous point will be olongapo city hall.

From bus signages to how many transfers i am supposed to take to get to olongapo should i miss the bus going straight there, she has to know it all. And the best part is, she already asked me all these things yesterday.

she's asking me again, now.


ShatterShards said...

She wouldn't be "mom" if she's not like that. Was she able to resist calling you to check on whether you got lost or something? hehehe

gentle said...

@ shatter - hehehe. :) hehehehe.

Dylan Dimaubusan said...

Natawa ako sa comment ni shattershads, ahahaha!

Parang nanay ko lang din, kung magkwento o magtanong parang laging bago, samantalanag 10 minutes ago kakakwento lang nya.

Walang kapantay ang nanay. ;)

Herbs D. said...

okay lang yan. get lost! heheh. life is more fun that way. reminded me of this old show at geographic or natgeo where this group goes to some random place without a map. :P

your mom was just doing her job being a mom hehehe. saka ayaw ka rin naming mawala noh! :)

Niel Camhalla said...

You're trying to be funny by implying you sound like your mother, right?

Here's a challenge which you can opt to ignore. Imply to the reader what your mother meant just by describing her facial expression.


Mr. Scheez said...

My mom has Alzheimer's Disease, she asks same questions for like a hundred times a day. Sometimes he doesn't know who I am.

My entire family and I just have to be very patient and understand her situation.

Okay lang yan friend. Mahal ka ni nanay. =)

Andy Briones said...

I can definitely relate. My mom worries about everything, as in everything: the state of the world, our house helps, my cat, my work place, our relatives.... Ach!

Before I was like, "Why the messianic complex?" After thinking about it, I realized that she's just being herself: my mother. :p

gentle said...

@ dylan - natumbok mo! :)

@ herbs - at ayaw ko din namang mawala ano. ;P

@ niel - i'm not really sure what you meant...

i didnt say much less implied i sound like my mom... just stating what i see/observations..

@ scheez - i know.. :) at mahal ka din ng nanay mo.

@ andy - yep, if anything, moms do not have to be anything in front of their kids. they just have to be themselves. ;)

Niel Camhalla said...

"Nay, natanong mo na sa kin yan ng ilang beses kahapon, diba?"

I meant this restatement.

"...she already asked me all these things yesterday."

gentle said...

nope. not trying to.. just a restatement.