For one hour and a half, your world does not go beyond the rectangular mat you have chosen to enclose yourself in; as you move in complete synchronicity with your breath—muscles tensing and relaxing, with every pose you will your body to take. With every breath, you listen to what your body is telling you; you fold or open to a pose, sweat trickling, like dewdrops to a bud opening in the morning sunshine. For one hour and a half, you are that bud caressed by dewdrops. For one hour and a half, you and the world are at peace. Namaste.

Reads like an ad for a yoga studio? Haha! I had the idea of writing my thoughts on how peaceful i felt while i was moving silently into the poses just minutes ago. For a change, i didn’t play the catchy tunes i am used to lace each practice with. For a change i didn’t internalize on Madonna or Michael jackson’s lyrics, but instead just listened to my heartbeat, and to the whirring sound of the electric fan that i accidentally left opened in the adjacent room. For a change i didn’t try to keep my pace with the tracks playing in the background. I kept to my own pacing, listening for inner cues my body tells me, if it’s already time to be moving on to the next pose. I was so relaxed, that falling asleep while in corpse pose (the last in any yoga sequence of poses) felt like the natural thing to do. But then again i had to get up and write about the experience, lest i forget a single, precious detail.

Hah! The blog addict prevailed! Yay!


the geek said...

hay salamat..may kakampi na ako..hehehe

gentle said...

baket? sino umaaway sa yo? ehehehe. awayin natin in royal pigeon pose. :)

Herbs D. said...

nice. synchronizing with the inner self.

lol @ Michael jackson haha

lucas said...

that was brilliant, gentle. i love how you weaved the words to the capture every detail.

ma-try ngang mag-yoga. :P ahehehe!

Niel Camhalla said...

actually kakagaling ko lang kay the geek. parang nagkasundo yata kayo.

gentle said...

@ niel - honga eh. nabasa ko din. pero yung sa kanya may halong laswa. hehehe.

@ herbs - oo. maganda sa standing poses yung mga upbeat songs ni mj

@ ron - thanks ron, try mo. pramis, enjoy! :)