the hair issue

I’m growing my hair long for a change. Though i really dunno how long i can do this.

I’ve always maintained a clean-cut ‘do during my elementary, high school and college years. When I studied at UP, I even went to the extreme of sporting a skin head. Whenever there’s a major event/ life-turning/ aburido moment, its always the hair that goes first. Now i’m on my sixth month of not doing anything about my hair. I’m so very much resisting the temptation of going to a stylist to have it cut—hot summer days be damned!

The idea—i want to achieve a look inspired by elektra’s nemesis in that Jennifer Garner movie spinoff from hubby Ben Affleck’s Daredevil movie adaptation. That Japanese guy in kimono, with hair long enough to be pulled taut and tied at the back the Japanese way; that’s the look brewing on my mind for some time now. I’m quite chinky in my own way, so i know I’ll achieve the intended effect, somehow. Hehehe.

That just means i’ve to cut on carbo and get serious with running and yoga so that hair and physique will complement each other. Hah! Good luck. And oh, another stumbling block: office work just might intervene and dictate that i look like the rest—neat and boring; in which case i’ve to see an improvement by May or June in time for the group’s out of town trips so my attempt could be documented in pictures before undergoing some serious slashing. That, or if the boss do not bother to talk to me about it, i can pretty much tie it in an itty bitty pony tail, neat and inconspicuous to the public eye—growing incognito til it reaches a level of desirability that I can finally call “long hair”.

Just gimme that image, shining and resplendent, just once, and I can live with a skin-head look in the years to come. I’m calling this post the hair issue.


Mr. Scheez said...

Ang tindi ng problem friend. Mas matindi pa sa financial crisis. This is the mother of all issues.

Herbs D. said...

ditto everything what Mr.Scheez said hahaha

--E said...

@Mr. Scheez: HAHAHAHAHA... korak!!! kalakaki ng problema!!!

@gentle: hihihi

gravity said...

hehe. hair pa nama normally ang nagdidictate ng aura ng tao. pag bad hair day, parang nakakabad trip.

UP ka rin! =)

lucas said...

i love my shaved head. less maintenance and neat tignan. ahehe!

hindi ako pwedeng magpahaba ng buhok. kulot kasi ako. magmumukha akong Jesus Christ. i know kasi ganun ang buhok ng kuya ko dati. hehe!

good luck with your hair!