take heart, troubled child

you are not the dining table, nor its maggots aching in endless fornication;
you are not the chandelier, the padded rooms, the straight jacket—
nor the warden’s truncheon;

found myself writing these lines this morning.. i originally planned to get myself sweating out to a dance in the other room, maybe do some yoga after; instead i gave in to my other love.. and found myself sweating out for words. hehehe.

oh well. i guess you really can't have em all. :) will be posting the poem at naked scribbles as soon as i see a glimmer of polish. i'm tentatively calling it take heart, troubled child.


Herbs D. said...

Will wait for it at the naked scribbles then. :-)

gravity said...

will look forward to this, gentle =)

lucas said...

ang lalim...and i like it! :)

i love poetry that needs a little deconstruction:)

lucas said...

very well said, gentle :) marami tao they are taking so much things for granted and just realizes their importance when it's already too late.