here comes the sun

I’m on a bus again, province bound; typing my thoughts away, and seriously considering renaming this site the “bus diaries”, hehehe. i haven’t been blogging the way i’ve been blogging some six months ago, when i gave birth to the backseat; when i had an entry posted almost everyday—the zealous devotion of someone wanting to establish his own place in the blogosphere. we all want that, don’t we? to not just start a blog and just let fate run its course. We want to have the staying power that will make our blogs the stuff of legends. My online existence has always been a constant struggle. I’ve so many blogs that were snuffed out as fast as one can say “poop!”

So just imagine how surprised i am that the backseat made it this far: 79 posts strong and 23 gentle followers in the course of its six months existence.

Well, well, well, well. lemme congratulate myself by redecorating a bit; the bold colors i splashed on my digital walls sort of reflect the recent unburdening that has happened in my life. i don’t attribute it solely to blogging, but blogging has been one tool. It has become a lifeline. when everything becomes muddled and murky as the pasig river, i have my writing to turn to. In that way, blogging, yoga and poetry, when you throw gentle into the mix, would pretty much become synonymous with one another—lifelines, all of them.

This blog had its genesis when i was struggling for dear life in the ugly sick pig incident, something which i only hinted at in several past entries. The most direct reference, being the poem ugly sick pig which appeared in the factory sessions entry i posted at naked scribbles a few months back. Now that the saga is drawing to a close, i feel as light as a feather; so light in fact, that the gentlest of breeze might send me flying to outer space, haha!

Joke, it just sent me flying home. today. to ate, nanay, kuya and the kids. Ahhh, finally. A well deserved rest after a hard earned victory. I’m thinking of cooking spaghetti tomorrow for dinner, just to celebrate this landmark episode in the life of gentle. Forgive me if you find this entry cryptic. All i wanna say is i’m happy and thankful. Thankful for this blog, and to you guys who kept me sane in my six month struggle.


gravity said...

happy 6 months of blogging! i'm a fan. you're a great writer!

btw you're cute =) please feel free to edit this comment hehe

Knoxxy said...

I like the bolder colors! Congrats!

lucas said...

congrats, gentle! you're blog is really something so keep writing, we'll keep reading :)

you a have a thing for bright color's don't you. really bright lay-out. i like it.

79? ako 70 pa lang T_T

ShatterShards said...

It's good to hear that that indecent incident has finally found an ending -- and a happy one at that, it seems.

Glad that you're happy, Gentle. And very nice overhaul of the site, indeed!

Here's to new beginnings! I've had mine, and I'm happy you're enjoying yours.

blaqgurl said...

I really like the new poster for your blog. You look happy and relaxed. Nice:)

carina said...

Congrats! You're doing a great job with your blog. Career! :)

Herbs D. said...

you're welcome sweetie!
flower pala aketch! hahaha. chos!

we will always be your follower oh great backseat! lol

Niel Camhalla said...

is it just my settings or the header was really designed not to be centered?

gentle said...

@ gravity - thanks, trying to improve my craft. especially with the poems. with the looks, well i have adobe to thank for. its a whole lot of craft, when you really think hard about it. hehehe.

@ knoxxy - thanks! its just bolder. for now; the boldest is yet to come, haha! :p

@ lucas - yes, i like bright colors, especially if they match my mood. :)

@ shatter - glad you liked the overhaul. cheers to new beginnings. :) to yours, and to mine.

@ blaqgurl- thanks. the picture is 2 yrs old; i doubt that if you see me now, you'll ever recognize me. hehehe. but it was a fine day, so i guess the emotions were captured the way they were, that fine day of two years ago.

@ carina - thank you sa pagdaan ha. career ba? hehehe. di naman mashado. konti lang. ;P

@ herbs - follower ka, hindi ka flower! :)

@ niel - the header was designed as such, your settings are ok. :)

Andy Briones said...

Kudos man! I'm looking forward to reading more of your stuff in the future.

lucas said...

eg di ang saya-saya mo? yellow at orange eh! hehe!

tambay lang muna.

--E said...

to new beginnings!!!

ize water said...

Yay! pop the champagne bottle! :)
congrats, gentle!

and hey, unlike most people think... it ain't that easy to keep on talking. :) or writing... :P

i like your new splash of colors - summer na summer ang dating. :)

keep on blogging!

Mr. Scheez said...

Wow, ang tagal na pala neto ha.

Congratulations and thank you for making me a part of this beautiful site of yours. =)