working on a novel

The sun was up early this morning. It rose golden and majestic over the distant hills to the east; its rays melting away those delicate curtains of mist that hung like spider lace over the fields and the meadows, and the little brooks they passed by along the way. They have been travelling by bus, a rickety one, for almost two hours now; and each bump along the road is reminding Clem how hard it is, getting to the island.

-excerpt from the gentle novel

The past two days had been very busy days.

After my (draining) episode with the CR, i decided to go home to the province to recuperate and be with the family. I brought the golden compass with me, intending to read through Lyra and her exploits but i was barely able to finish two chapters because—hold your breath—i was able to get a move on with my (ehem) novel already (yay!). Yes, ambitious though it may sound, what began as lazy afternoon scribblings in july became a full-blown literary wonder of sorts only two days ago. Hehehe. even the planned re-watching of before sunset had to be rescheduled because it’s not an everyday, regular thing that an inspiration to write a novel strikes. Indeed, the power of the pen has been pushing me to new (and exciting) heights previously unimagined by this gentle writer. its like sleeping as belle in the evening and waking up as the beast, come morning (you just have to buy the analogy). whatever blessing or devilry this is, i'm not exchanging this for the world! i've always dreamed of writing stories, and its finally coming true.

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Nash said...

hey :)

lucas said...

you're writing a novel??? coolness! i wish to read it soon. dito mo ba ipa-publish or libro tlaga? sana tuloy tuloy na ang inspiration mo.

hope i could write one sometime.

ize water said...

glad to hear ur ok. and am happy to learn that you've found yet another avenue for your creative juices.
writing a novel is a wonderful thing. wish i could, i feel like writing whenever i come across a good book. but then again, doing a novel is such a commitment in my view.
sana u would post ur novel so we could read it. :)

gentle said...

@ nash - hey back! thanks for droppin by. :)

@ ron - yes i am.. sana tuloy tuloy na nga din hehehe. tho baka maging novelet lang sha. mahirap isustain ang drive! hehe.

@ ize - i'm gonna be posting parts of it from time to time, hehe. hope you clicked on the link.. that forms part of chapter 1. :)

xtian1978ii said...

wow, keep it up. sana you'll share it with us when it's finished.

I already read the triligy by philip pullman. very interresting.