30 minutes to 7

Its 6:30 in the evening. I am just winding down from the work done during the day. The boss’ television has just been turned on to TV Patrol, her favorite news program. The big bosses have just finished their work, talking and debating among themselves for a good three hours and a half, crafting policies that would be beneficial for everyone’s good. I have just made my exit from my database work, and 7 o’clock seem far away, just waiting for it; so I decided that this entry will make it in time before I log out of the office premises.

I often whine and complain about a thousand and one things, gargantuan and mundane, relating to work—about how things do not seem to get better, and work just seems to pile up—but I’ve also realized that engaging in all these makes me feel most alive. Listening to the bosses’ banter while encoding the first quarter issuances of the other department mostly relating to holidays and call centers, actually make my blood rise with excitement. I like being in the center of things. i thrive with stress but at the same time despise it. whatever, I realize I love my work, and though it is riddled with mountainous hurdles, I will not exchange it for anything else. Intrigues and politics be damned!


ShatterShards said...

Welcome to the club! Nursing a love-hate relationship with our jobs seem the fad these days.

citybuoy said...

i completely understand. i complain a lot about work and stuff but now that i'm on a really long leave, i kinda miss going to work.

gentle said...

@ shattershards - hehehe.

@ cb - and how loong is the leave? huwaw, kaingget. :)

citybuoy said...

2 weeks but it's really boring. you should take one, too! you'd be surprised how much you would want to go back to work.