a poop story

i can hear grumbling in my stomach like ten thousand orcs suddenly launched an attack in middle earth. thunderous rumblings.

doctor said it was probably food poisoning.

it's my second day now, in house confinement. sadly, imodium and rest did not help in quelling my tummy activity, as my trips to the cr yesterday numbered to about thirty.

and the poop coming out was vile, yellow liquid.

so today, off i went to makati med for consultation with a professional. i came home with a number of strong-dosaged medicines in order to quell what he suspects to be a case of gastroenteritis.

the result for the fecalysis he requested i undergo is due tomorrow.

meanwhile, i'm praying that the meds do their part tonight and in the succeeding days.

lesson learned : never eat the head of an inihaw na pusit if water is oozing out from it like puss.


the geek said...

oppsss...glad to be out of that "messy situation". hihihi

get well soon, picasso..

(spray muna ako ng glade ha... :)

citybuoy said...

oh no! hope u feel better soon!

Mr. Scheez said...

nagkaganyan na kami ng family ko dati. kumain kami ng inihaw na bituka na binebenta sa kalye. ayun one week na poo poo ng poo poo. grabeh!

hope okay ka na.

ize water said...

hope u get well soon. a learn to be a more careful next time. if a food looks and/or smells wrong, don't eat it - no matter how much you spent for it. feeling your internals being stretched and all that is not worth it. your description of the squid made me say "ew!" than that of your poo.

gentle said...

@ geek, cb, scheez, and ize :

thanks, you all. :) i'm feeling a bit better now, di ba scheez? nanood lang naman kami ng kimidora last night. di nagpatalo sa LBM! hehehe.