several hundreds lighter

Last Monday I splurged on two hardbound books. I bought the vampire-themed Twilight and Pullman’s The Golden Compass. I’ve already read The Golden Compass on paperback and having loved the book on first read very much , I wanted to have a proper copy of it—a hardbound one. I immediately went to re-reading the book but because there’s so much to do and so little time, I have not really gone far as much as I would have wanted (I stopped at Lyra’s Jordan hehehe) ; besides, I still have my anime to cover, and a newly copied avi format of an art film to watch.

I actually bought Twilight on impulse. I originally planned of buying Pullman’s trilogy in one swoop but the unavailability of the hardbound edition for the next two volumes left me somewhat feeling dissatisfied. Determined to have another title before I leave the bookstore, I ended up browsing the pages of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight. I have had encounters with this book before, in other bookstores, and I must admit that it didn’t manage to catch my attention at first, mainly because the preliminary paragraphs didn’t hit it with me. But lo and behold : at Fullybooked, that Monday afternoon, Twilight’s first paragraph actually pulled me in. it might be the time of day, it might be the mindset, or the light, or the ventilation. But I was actually liking it, enough for me to make the purchase. And that sold me. I went home several hundreds light in the pocket.


the geek said...

my weakness: books, books, books!!!


too many books, too little time..

ShatterShards said...

Congrats on your purchases! I hope you arranged for a reservation of Subtle Knife. As for Amber Spyglass, I do have an extra copy, a hard bound, which I bought for 35 bucks. I still need to wrap it in plastic, though.

Someone gave me a copy of Breaking Dawn last Christmas, which is a bummer, because I don't have a copy of the first three books yet.

cb :: 林偉文 said...

me too. i haven't read the golden compass although the idea of daemons from the movie made me want to.

as for twilight.. meh.. it's interesting until you realize you're not exactly part of the target demographic. it's still a good read though. :D

lucas said...

i share geek's dilemma... too many books, so little time. i'm currently reading ian caldwell's 'rule of four'. kalahati pa lang ako and i think i need to reread it all over again. natigil eh. i need to regain the momentum. hehe

i like the twilight series but not as much as i like HP. uhmm...i find new moon shallow btw. i have yet to read the last two. i think i wouldn't bother reading them if weren;t for the movie/ :P