promdi sa library

i am currently at the national library of the philippines, blogging away. :) totchal, di ba? hehehe. the office sent me and an officemate to a 3-day seminar to update various skills needed to better dispense our librarian duties. i didn't know it included blogging, hehehe. the seminar's program stated that 2nd day will focus on web design; true enough, we were introduced to a slew of html programing jargons; midway through the lecture though, the speaker (who was my batchmate during the board exam i took some years back) probably saw the knotted foreheads in front of him and decided to shift to something more fun--free blog hosting sites over the net! hehehe. most of the participants were greenhorns and so it took them quite sometime to acquaint themselves to the new blogging environs; so what does a seasoned blogger do in these (ho-hum..) trying times? blog to death! haha! despite my familiarity with UP's main library building, whose expansive 4 floors are solely dedicated to housing the university's voluminous collections, i still found the national library as an imposing structure. from the outside, the building just exudes taste in design. i can easily place its facade alongside government buildings depicted in hollywood movies, and it won't look out of place. my officemate who previously worked for the national library said that the entire collection covers five floors. i took the opportunity to get oriented by an "insider" and asked her to play tour-guide to this wide-eyed promdi (hehehe). i must admit that i must have looked like i just saw the mrt pass me by for the first time. hehehe, nakanganga ba. she brought me to the rare collection of the filipiniana section where she used to work; running my fingers through some personal documents of gregorio del pilar with his signature no less, brought me to tears. hehehe. exaj lang. :) though i would have loved to stay a bit more to see the rizal papers, because of time constraints, we found ourselves going back to the philippine normal univerersity for the second-half of the session. sigh. that would have surely made my day. hehehe. well, i can always go back some other time to run my fingers through lolo jose's signature. :) the afternoon session involved a recap of the morning demo at the national library. when ed the lecturer passed me by, i told him we were batchmates during the board exam. seeing that i already have an existing blog, he didnt bother to discuss tech stuff with me but rather talked bout des (a common friend) and her recent demise. we didn't have much in common except her so even though it pained me to talk bout her last days (and her wake) i swallowed it like a bitter pill. well, i've to say byebye for now, as the participants are slowly leaving the room. 5 o'clock na eh. have to head home na din. ciao!


Mr. Scheez said...

Library talaga, ha? Indi obvious na bookwork ka. Hehehe =)

cb :: 林偉文 said...

i'm not really into history and stuff but when i remember the feeling of awe when i visited rizal's house in cavite. if something like that doesn't make you fall on your knees, nothing will.

ize water said...

yup. ang mga building na iginaya sa Parthenon. uso kasi un noon.

hehe. i remember snapping a photo of the medical tools of Dr. Joe on display at Fort Stgo. and the bantay was quick to shoo me away.

what I found strange at that Calamba house of Dr. Joe was the chess board in front of the toilet seat. Like someone has to endure the sounds/sights/smell while another one is taking a dump? And I thought having an iPod dock in the toilet is a ridiculous idea.

Victor Gregor said...

i used to sleep at the main lib in between classes. oh well, we all do. lol.